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Toolbox Overview | Illustrator CS5

Every craftsman needs the right tool for the job. Illustrator has so many that sometimes I get confused, and just can’t find the tool I’m looking for. The following image is a life saver when it comes to quickly locating the right tool.

Adobe Illustrator CS5 Toolbox

Adobe Illustrator CS5 Toolbox

The above graphic is an extract from the Tools Panel overview from the Adobe Illustrator online help.

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InDesign CS5 Toolbox Overview

In InDesign if you use the right tool, half the job is done. But you use so many softwares everyday, that sometimes you just can see the tool right there in front of you.

I’ve posted below an image that you can print and put up on your workstation, so that you’ll never spend extra time looking for that all important tool, that you know is somewhere, but just can’t find it.

InDesign Tools Overview

Tools overview (image courtesy, QuarkXPress to InDesign CS5 Conversion Guide, Pg.11)

You can always look up the help topic for more information.