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Learn Adobe InDesign CS6 from Adobe TV

 I wonder if you’ve noticed the Adobe TV show for InDesign CS6. Learn the basics of InDesign CS6 with Getting Started and New Features tutorials by product experts. The Videos tutorials show you the basics of using InDesign, and then quickly show you how to use the new features such as Liquid Layout Rules, Alternate Layouts, EPUB Export and PDF Forms Export.


Getting Started

If you’ve never used InDesign before, or are just starting out, watch this segment of the show. The episodes, show you the basics of InDesign and how you can use these to quickly start creating layouts.

 What is InDesign CS6?

Working with Tools

Working with Frames

Working with Graphics

Building a Newsletter

Creating a Letterhead

New features in CS6

InDesign CS6 has several new features. Some of the major new features let you design and publish for multiple screen-sizes and output devices.

Liquid Layout Rules and Alternate Layouts

Understanding Liquid Layout rules

Using basic Liquid Layout rules: Scale, Recenter,

Applying guide-based Liquid Layout rules

Applying object-based Liquid Layout rules

Alternate Layouts

Working with Alternate Layouts

Linked Content

Linking Content

Using the Content Collector and Content Placer tools

EPUB Export

Using advanced EPUB 2 export controls

Exporting to EPUB 3 and fixed layout

PDF Forms

Reviewing the new Forms tools

Creating and previewing a basic form

Testing a form in Acrobat

Let me know if you find these videos useful, and if there are other features for which you think video tutorials will help.

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Create Interactive docs in InDesign with José Ramos

A course on InDesign CS5 presented by José Ramos on

Creating Interactive Documents with InDesign CS5

Create Interactive Magazines, Websites, and More!

This workshop is aimed at print designers who want to create interactive documents using the powerful new features in Adobe InDesign CS5. Expert trainer José Ramos will walk you through the creation of a series of projects, from a basic interactive PDF to a complete interactive magazine. In the process you’ll master important InDesign features and tools without getting bogged down in technical details. You may be surprised to discover some of the amazing things you can do with InDesign CS5.

The folks at Video2Brain have posted some episodes for you to see.

Creating Hyperlinks

Adding Animations through motion presets

Adding Interactive buttons

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Learn InDesign CS5.5 new features with Video2Brain

A new course on InDesign CS5.5 presented by Chad Chelius was published recently by

InDesign CS5.5 New Features Workshop

CS5.5, only the second “dot” release in InDesign’s history, includes a variety of large and small additions and enhancements. For example, you can now drag and drop anchored objects and create linked text that’s updated when a change is made to the original text. There are also many new, powerful options related to exporting, including the ability to map styles to export tags and control how content is displayed when you export to EPUB, XHTML, and accessible PDF. In this workshop, Adobe Certified Instructor and InDesign expert Chad Chelius walks you through all these and more, so you can quickly incorporate the new features of InDesign CS5.5 into your workflow.


The nice folks at Video2Brain have posted some clips for all to see. Check the details below and head over to watch the videos.

PDF Enhancements

Print and prepress professionals will appreciate the fact that InDesign CS5.5 incorporates the latest PDF/X-4 standard. Watch this video to see how to take advantage of this latest standard when generating PDF files.


InDesign CS5.5 makes it easier than ever to add alternate text to images and graphics. In this video you’ll learn just how easy it is.

Drag and drop anchored objects

InDesign CS5.5 simplifies how in-line and anchored objects are created. This video shows you how to create in-line and anchored objects using the new drag-and-drop method!



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Add Audio and video to EPUB | InDesign CS5.5

In this episode from Adobe TV, Colin Fleming shows how simple it is to embed audio and video content in InDesign CS5.5 for export to EPUB.

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Creating eBooks with InDesign

In Creating eBooks with Adobe InDesign CS4 & CS5 :An In-Depth Guide to Mastering eBook Production, Gabriel Powell explains all you need to know about creating eBooks from InDesign.

Expert trainer Gabriel Powell takes you through every step in the process of creating an eBook, from setting up the InDesign document to exporting an EPUB file that can be read on a computer, smartphone, Apple iPad, or Sony Reader. You’ll also learn how to edit an eBook, customize its navigation, and create scalable images, as well as how to validate an EPUB file to ensure that it’s error-free and fully compliant with the EPUB specification.

Following are a few videos that have been extracted from the book.

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