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Monthly Archives: August, 2012

CSS Shaders now in CSS Filter Effects Specification

After detailed discussion with members of the CSSWG, a decision has been made to incorporate the CSS Shaders specification into the CSS Filter Effects specification. As a result, the feature known as Shaders will now be referred to as Custom Filters. For more information, check out the CSS Custom Filters page.  Samples are also available... Continue reading →

Notes from the August 2012 CSS Working Group San Diego Meeting

The W3C CSS Working Group met in San Diego on August 13-15. Vincent Hardy, Steve Zilles and myself were representing Adobe. Quite a lot was accomplished in three short days. The full meeting notes will be available soon from the CSS WG Blog. There is always a flurry of activity in the working group in... Continue reading →

Exclusions Layout: First Fit Revisited

A couple of posts back, Hans Muller began outlining an algorithm for determining where to start layout within complex shapes. His initial algorithm only determined what positions were candidates for beginning layout. Recently, he has completed the algorithm to select the correct position. Check out his blog for the details and an awesome demo. Continue reading →

Bucharest WebKit Hackathon

We at Adobe WebKit team in Romania would like to bring WebKit contributors together to spend a few days collaboratively hacking on WebKit at our offices. The hackathon will be on September 20 to 22nd in Bucharest Romania featuring 3 days of bug fixing, test writing and new feature/utilities prototyping. Lunch will be provided and... Continue reading →

An Afternoon of Hacking

Taking a short break from its usual work, the Web Platform Team at Adobe took an afternoon to explore new APIs and authoring tools. As a byproduct, we created a little 2D game called “Dynasteroids”. The objective of the game is to move a dinosaur left or right in order to dodge falling asteroids. The... Continue reading →