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Create the Web in Action

Note: Custom Filters is no longer supported in Chrome or WebKit Nightlies.

By now you must have caught all the excitement of announcements we made at Create the Web (watch the keynote). For us, these are exciting times! Not only do we have a spiffy new blog design to go with the event, but we also have a bunch of new, cool technologies to show you!

CSS FilterLab

Custom Filters allow you to use GLSL shaders to apply cinematic effects to HTML elements. A few days ago Max blogged about how you can use Chrome Canary to use custom filters & browse our samples.

Today we announced the Open sourced web experiment called CSS FilterLab that allows you to play with several effects that are now possible, including textures that make your element appear crumpled, or burnt and more! You can also tweak the filters to use them with CSS animations.

CSS FilterLab allows you to create custom filters and share them with others via gists. You can also contribute to the project via Github.

We also have samples & utilities for some of our other work including CSS Regions & Blend Modes.

The Graphical Web

Today, we also sneaked in a preview of a presentation that covers a lot of ground on the evolution of aesthetic web from 1990s to the present through the persona of a div element. The source code for the presentation & a case study that documents the making of it should be out soon.

Source Code Pro

While our team has not been directly responsible for this release, it is nonetheless exciting to have a web font that has been created with developers in mind. Not only is this font free, but also an open source project available on Github for you to fork & contribute if you feel so. Read more about this font on the from the lead designer, Paul D. Hunt.

Edge Web Fonts

Adobe Typekit along with Google has just made available a whole bunch of fonts for free that you can use by merely including a script in your code. Check out the gallery of fonts available here.

Adobe PhoneGap Build

We also announced PhoneGap Build that allows you to upload your HTML assets and converts them into mobile PhoneGap apps. Christian Cantrell has a video that explains how to use Brackets to work with PhoneGap Build.

There are plenty more announcements that were made including the sneak preview of Reflow. Follow @createtheweb to find out new announcements as they come!

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