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Welcoming Sylvain, Alexis & Julee to our team!

Recently we have had 3 new additions to our team! Please welcome Sylvain, Alexis & Julee to our team!

Sylvain Galineau

Sylvain is not just new to our team but also to Adobe! Sylvain previously worked at Microsoft, & is a connoisseur of fine wine & food. He is French after all.

Alexis Deveria

Alexis has been working at Adobe for more than a year, but will now pick up his pixel hacker hat again which means he will be one of the leading consumers of his own website:

Julee Burdekin

Julee has been shepherding the content creation over at Web Platform Docs, which she will continue doing, except only now you will see more blog posts from her on this blog 🙂

Please do send in your warm welcome to our new team members!

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