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Summary of Adobe Max & Google IO

The Adobe Web Platform team was out in full force during Adobe MAX and Google IO. I thought I would summarize a list of demos, presentations, & associated events we were involved in.

Adobe MAX

At Adobe MAX, we debuted two major demonstrations of some of the features we are working on.

Exploring LA through custom filters


The first is the Custom Filters Demo App, which showcases how GLSL shaders can be used from CSS to create interesting user experiences that were previously never possible in Web Applications.

What is notable is not just the use of the shaders but also how natural the whole app feels. If you would like to learn about how it was done, do browse the source code of the Custom Filters Demo Travel App.

Special thanks to Edan Kwan and David Vale for creating this app for us.

National Geographic Partnership


We partnered with National Geographic to explore the future of responsive digital layout. Read more about this vision of how readers will consume web content in the near future. You can also browse the code of the Demo for National Geographic Forest Giant on Github.

Web Platform Docs on Brackets

Quick Reference in Brackets

Alan Greenblatt worked with Adam Lehman to create an extension that exposes documentation from Web Platform Docs for CSS properties inline. The quick reference also links to the actual page, so if you feel the reference is lacking in information or outright wrong you can go to the Wiki URL directly, and edit it.

Just download the latest version of Brackets to start using Web Platform Docs as a reference.


Topcoat is a set of customizable and toolable CSS components. The Adobe MAX Scheduler app on Android and iOS devices was a PhoneGap app built using Topcoat. The team working on Topcoat pays a lot of attention to performance, which is why there is a nightly benchmark testing for Topcoat.

Talks at Adobe MAX

We also gave multiple talks/lab sessions at Adobe MAX. You can watch the recordings or view the slides for each of them below:

Google IO

We had a sandbox pod at Google IO where we talked about some of our features and tools, especially Brackets. The Brackets team hacked together a quick prototype of how to get Brackets to run within the browser for Chrome Pixel.

We also showcased the demo for National Geographic as an installed app using a packaged build of Chromium built on Cordova. The mobile version of the demo also shows how you can create natural experiences on mobile devices with web technologies.

Talk on Stunning Mobile Visualization with CSS Filters

Alex Danilo and Alexis Deveria from my team gave a talk on how CSS Filters bring powerful creative control to the web & takes advantage of GPUs on mobile devices.

Thank you!

Thanks for all those who came to our talks at Adobe MAX and our sandbox area @ Google IO. I hope you all enjoyed these presenetations as much as we did creating them.


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    Link for talk “Advanced Layout with CSS” is wrong.

    • May 29, 2013 at 2:19 pm, nimbupani said:

      Thanks for the note! I updated it.