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Monthly Archives: October, 2013

Test the Web Forward: Now Part of the W3C

With the exponential growth of the Web and rapid adoption of HTML5 and CSS3 over the past several years, interoperability across all browsers is now more important than ever. The best way to ensure interoperability is with rich and thorough test suites developed by the community and shared by the community. Recognizing this, the Adobe... Continue reading →

Introducing Snap.svg: The Next Generation JavaScript Library for SVG Graphics

  Published by Jonathan Dunlap and Christian Cantrell Today the Adobe Web Platform Team is announcing version 0.1 of Snap.svg, a brand new JavaScript library for creating SVG. Snap.svg provides web developers with an intuitive and powerful API for animating and manipulating both existing SVG content and designs generated with Snap. Currently, the most popular... Continue reading →

Join us and National Geographic in saving Baby Elephants!

Update (11/4/2013) : Thanks to everyone for supporting our #ProtectTheElephants. Our campaign has ended. Please follow @NatGeo to show your continued support. Elephants are increasingly endangered as people expand into their habitats, and poaching has drastically exacerbated the plight of the African elephant in particular. In 2012 the National Geographic cover story “Blood Ivory” revealed a complex,... Continue reading →

Cutting Edge CSS Features at 2013

This year, on September 13, front-end web developers and web designers gathered in Berlin for the first edition of CSSConf held in Europe. It was an awesome event packed with highly informative and entertaining talks about features, tools, techniques and upcoming technology that super-charge CSS productivity. I was happy to be on stage and share... Continue reading →