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Test the Web Forward: Now Part of the W3C

With the exponential growth of the Web and rapid adoption of HTML5 and CSS3 over the past several years, interoperability across all browsers is now more important than ever. The best way to ensure interoperability is with rich and thorough test suites developed by the community and shared by the community. Recognizing this, the Adobe Web Platform team borrowed the message (and the cute dinosaurs) from Move the Web Forward and began a new community-driven movement focused solely on testing and interoperability. We called it Test the Web Forward.

Adobe initiated the movement as a series of events that were part conference + part hackathon designed to educate and enlist the web development community to write new tests for the wide body of W3C specifications. The motivation and goals of Test the Web Forward resonated deeply with the web development community worldwide. To date, there have been seven major Test the Web Forward events in the U.S., Europe, and Asia with hundreds of attendees, a long & impressive list of experts & speakers, and nearly 3000 new tests written! These events were truly a community effort as they were organized, hosted, and sponsored by many companies, including all of the major browser vendors.

It’s been a year and a half since the first event and in that time, Test the Web Forward has become internationally recognized and synonymous with W3C Testing. Because of this, Adobe has proudly donated it to the W3C , where it will converge with the larger testing initiative and expand into much more than just events. To start, the newly launched site becomes the single centralized resource for W3C testing documentation, including test format and style, test submission, review process, and much more. Staying true to its grass roots, the site and its content belongs to everyone and contributions from all sources are warmly welcomed, including to the new blog. In the future, testthewebforward.org will expand even more to include test infrastructure, test results, coverage data, and all W3C spec testing news. It will continue to host all of the information about events, past and future.

The Adobe Web Platform team is very happy to see the Test The Web Forward effort reach a new level. We’re looking forward to continuing to work with the W3C and the community to build upon its early success and we remain deeply committed to continuing to Build a Better Web.

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