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W3Conf 2013: A Summary

The Adobe Web Platform team helped in organizing the W3Conf at the beautiful Regency Center in San Francisco on 21-22nd Feb 2013. Here are some notes from my perch behind the curtains (I was introducing the speakers!). By all standards, the conference was a great success. Here are some metrics: We had about 20,000 viewers... Continue reading →

“The Making of CSSFilterLab” at W3Conf 2013

I had the honor to speak at the W3Conf 2013 last week. My talk was about a fork of CSS FilterLab that I’ve been working on recently. The project is written entirely in JavaScript, CSS and HTML and targets mobile devices with touch based interfaces. In order to work with all the touch API, I... Continue reading →

“Do Androids Read Electric Books?” at W3Conf 2013

I was fortunate to have the opportunity to speak at W3Conf in San Francisco this year. My talk was about reading experiences on the web, ways we can improve them and where we see this going in the future. In the talk I show off how we can use Regions for visually stunning magazine layout... Continue reading →

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“The top web features from you can use today”

At the 2013 W3Conf I gave a talk about the browser compatibility site The talk consisted of two parts, starting with an explanation of how started, how it’s useful to developers, and what’s to come on the site. The next and larger part discusses top web features now supported by enough browsers that... Continue reading →

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“Magazine-like layouts with CSSRegions” and the WebVisions NewYork show

At the end of February, i attended the WebVisions conference, hosted in the “Theater for the New City”, New York. The audience consisted of half-developers half-designers and Adobe, a key sponsor for the event, had two speakers: Kevin Hoyt and myself. While Kevin had a presentation about PhoneGap and how it can be used to build... Continue reading →

Doc Sprints off to awesome European start

The first-ever public event to push forward was at Adobe San Francisco in November. Then Google hosted the second event mid-December in Mountain View. I couldn’t resist hosting the first-ever European event of this kind. February 8th and 9th, we invited the European developer community to write quite a bit of history together. It worked well, produced awesome output,... Continue reading →

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Join us at the W3Conf!

Our team has been committed to making web standards as accessible as possible to web developers. We organized the first Test the Web Forward event (there is one in Sydney on Feb 8-9, do register if you can participate!) & we will be hosting the second W3Conf on 21-22 February 2013 at The Regency Center,... Continue reading →

Video about CSS Regions and CSS Exclusions at Kings of Code

In December of 2012 I got a chance to speak at the Kings of Code conference in Amsterdam about digital publishing on the web. My talk touched a bit on the current state of digital publishing for devices and how it got to this point. The bulk of the talk covered the pros and cons... Continue reading →

Test The Web Forward Sydney!

Mark your calendars! Test the Web Forward is bringing W3C testing goodness to Sydney, Australia on February 8th and 9th, 2013. The Sydney Test the Web Forward event is the latest event in a movement that focuses on learning, hacking, and writing tests for W3C specifications.  During the event, experts will teach you about W3C... Continue reading →

It’s Blue Beanie Day!

Today is Blue Beanie Day and the community is celebrating web standards. We thought we would mark this day by reflecting on some of the work we have done over the last one year and talk about what we would like to do next! Over two years ago, our team proposed two features that we thought were... Continue reading →