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Start making (great) infographics

Sarah Hunt shares 3 ways to design an infographic that stands out from the crowd. With the growth of data-driven news sites, infographics are becoming easier to create. That doesn’t necessarily translate into good design. We won’t shame anyone here, because everyone has the right to experiment. But just do a web search for “worst... Continue reading →

Introducing the New Adobe Web Platform Showcase

Before Adobe’s Web Platform team begins work on a new web standard — whether it’s contributing to a specification or actually implementing a feature — we take some time to really understand the specific problems we’re trying to solve. Additionally, after a feature has been prototyped, we spend more time validating that it works the... Continue reading →

Links of Interest – 2

This week we have a whole slew of news items that circulated around. Check them out and feel free to comment on any of them here! Blink – A new rendering engine for the Chromium project forked from WebKit Opera adopts Blink – confirms it will follow Google and ditch WebKit for Blink, as part of its commitment to Chromium... Continue reading →