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Q: What’s one of the biggest things missing from the web?

A: Documentation. Or at least it was. Today, Adobe, Apple, Facebook, Google, HP, Microsoft, Mozilla, Nokia, Opera, and the W3C are announcing Web Platform Docs (WPD) on webplatform.org. The goal of WPD is to become the most comprehensive and authoritative resource for web technologies on the planet. And since we want everyone to contribute, WPD... Continue reading →

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Test The Web Forward coming to Beijing and Paris

Adobe, in partnership with multiple organizations and individuals, is organizing two Test The Web Forward hackathons in Beijing (October 20-21) and Paris (October 26-27). The goal of these events is to bring the web community together to create test cases in order to improve the quality of the web – Like the slogan says “Better... Continue reading →

Notes from the August 2012 CSS Working Group San Diego Meeting

The W3C CSS Working Group met in San Diego on August 13-15. Vincent Hardy, Steve Zilles and myself were representing Adobe. Quite a lot was accomplished in three short days. The full meeting notes will be available soon from the CSS WG Blog. There is always a flurry of activity in the working group in... Continue reading →

CSS Exclusions and Shape Intersection

CSS Exclusions promises to open up a new class of magazine-style layouts for the web. As you might imagine, the feature also brings with it a bunch of compelling engineering challenges. One example is efficiently computing the intersection of the horizontal boxes that represent inline content with the inside or outside of polygonal exclusion shapes.... Continue reading →

Report from the Web trenches: notes from the May 2012 CSS and SVG W3C Working Group Hamburg Meetings

Several of us from Adobe’s Web Platform and authoring team attended the Hamburg W3C meetings the week of May 7th. Rik Cabanier, Alan Stearns, Dirk Schulze, Steve Zilles, Arno Gourdol and myself were representing Adobe. There were three meetings: SVG Working Group meeting on Monday and Tuesday (May 7-8) FX Task Force meeting on Wednesday... Continue reading →