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Capitalization change for regionlayoutupdate

If you have been experimenting with CSS Regions in Chrome Canary or some other browser built from WebKit trunk, there has been a minor change you may need to account for. If you have code that used the regionLayoutUpdate event, note that the capitalization of this event has changed to regionlayoutupdate to match other DOM... Continue reading →

Bucharest WebKit Hackathon

We at Adobe WebKit team in Romania would like to bring WebKit contributors together to spend a few days collaboratively hacking on WebKit at our offices. The hackathon will be on September 20 to 22nd in Bucharest Romania featuring 3 days of bug fixing, test writing and new feature/utilities prototyping. Lunch will be provided and... Continue reading →

W3C’s testharness comes to WebKit

With the help of WebKit contributors, we recently landed a patch that made the W3C JavaScript test harness available for use by WebKit test authors – providing a new set of opportunities for reuse and portability between the W3C and WebKit test repositories. In the old world, before the landing of this patch, both the... Continue reading →