Tutorial Creating a jQuery mobile site with Dreamweaver & Widget Browser

I just posted a tutorial that walks through how to create a Mobile Site using jQuery Mobile, Dreamweaver and the Widget Browser.  Check it out and feel free to share it with others.


Packaging Widgets

I recently wrote an Article about how to package up Widgets for the Widget Browser that includes an example.  Check it out, and try packaging up your own widgets.


Welcome to Widget Browser!

The Widget Browser is an Adobe AIR application that lets you preview and configure widgets using a visual interface. ‘The term widget has many definitions, but in this context, a widget is a combination of small pieces of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript code that work together to make a complex web page component. Accordions, tabbed panels, and image lightboxes are examples of widgets.

With the Widget Browser, you can:

  • Preview and download all of the OpenAjax widgets available on the Adobe Exchange
  • Add widgets to Adobe Dreamweaver so that you can easily insert them in your web pages
  • Save widget files for use in any other HTML editing tool
  • Use built in presets
  • Customize Widgets and save your own presets

To get strated download the Widget Browser from Adobe Labs: