Maven archetypes for Flex/Java development

A new Maven archetype repository has been created for Flex and / or Java projects.

Here is the list of archetypes:
* blazeds-autowired-spring-hibernate-archetype
* flex-cairngorm-stubbed-crud-archetype
* flex-cairngorm-flexunit-archetype
* flex-library-archetype

Here is the wish list or in progress:
* a AIR localized maven archetype
* a Flex LCDS maven archetype
* a Flex merapi maven archetype
* a Flex application sample/archetype with flash selenium
* a Flex application sample/archetype with flexmonkey
* add flexcover results within maven reports…

All the Flex project archetypes are based on Cairngorm and use FlexUnit.

For those of you who don’t what a Maven archetype is, here is a simple definition:
You will be able to create new projects from those templates, specifying what your project identifier and your root package are. Then Maven will create a brand new project, using the parameters you gave.

Once created, you will be able to compile, deploy and run your application directly from Maven. Then you are ready to build your own project from this skeleton.

The most complex archetype is blazeds-autowired-spring-hibernate-archetype that Francois Le Droff and Eric Garza will present at MAX San Francisco.

Blazeds-autowired-spring-hibernate-archetype helps you generate a multi-module maven project : a flex front-end application communicating with the backend through Adobe’s blazeds messaging. The back-end relies on a spring hibernate architecture.

And if you want to see how to build collaborative applications with LCDS, register here.

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