FlexPMD release on opensource.adobe.com

It has been a while since I posted on this blog. But I have a great new to announce:
FlexPMD is released!

What is FlexPMD?

FlexPMD uses a part of PMD, its Java well known counterpart.

Over the last year or so, I’ve been leading an internal project at Adobe Technical Services. This project, FlexPMD, is meant to automatically detect code anti-patterns, code smells, common bad practices in a Flash/Flex based source code.

Originally, FlexPMD has been created to automate low-level code audits, so that consultants can focus on higher level architectural issues. It ended up to be rather advanced anti-patterns detector.

More information here

Currently, the project contains 84 rules, like detecting unused or empty pieces of code, complex methods with cyclomatic complexity, misnamed symbols, architectural bad practices like view components referenced from the model, or internal classes accessed from an authorized package, …

You can find more information here

If you want to check out the entire ruleset, please launch this application, which is also used for exporting
your own ruleset

How to use it

FlexPMD can be invoked from either the command line, Ant, Maven or Mac OSX Automator. An Flash Builder plugin is under consideration.

FInd more information here

Why opensourcing it?
By essence, the ruleset is meant to grow. While Adobe will continue to contribute on the ruleset, we look forward to having the community checking out the source code, and building their own rule, to meet your project/architect requirements.
More info here

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