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FlexPMD 1.2 released

The FlexPMD team is thrilled to announce that after 6 months, version 1.2 has left the building:

We and the community added a bunch of rules related to naming conventions, security, touch screens.
A new sample project has been created if you want to create your own rules.
You can now load a ruleset Maven from an URL.

Check out the latest bits here

Another great news: Xavi and I will be giving a session at MAX later this year about Flash based projects and quality management.

Here is the release note:

Bug resolved

  • [FLEXPMD-173] – UnusedPrivateMethod – reference in attribute initialization
  • [FLEXPMD-195] – UnusedLocalVariable rule fails to notice use in a particular function
  • [FLEXPMD-152] – PackageCase rule incorrectly reports upper case package names for mxml files
  • [FLEXPMD-167] – ASDoc rules failing when there is metadata between asdoc comment and attributes/methods/classes
  • [FLEXPMD-181] – Looks like FlexMetrics does not count properly static methods
  • [FLEXPMD-183] – Cannot suppress ExcessiveImport violation
  • [FLEXPMD-170] – OverLongLineRule fails if line length is equal to threshold
  • [FLEXPMD-160] – problems with some of the event rules
  • [FLEXPMD-120] – FlexPMD View remains blank
  • [FLEXPMD-130] – Runtime exception when removing markers
  • [FLEXPMD-126] – FlexPMD plugin is difficult to configure
  • [FLEXPMD-127] – FlexPMD fails silently if there's a space in the project path

New rules


  • [FLEXPMD-172] – Fill externalInfoUrl in the XML reports
  • [FLEXPMD-180] – recognize //NO PMD
  • [FLEXPMD-200] – Support NO PMD on mxml
  • [FLEXPMD-151] – apply the UnboundTypeInMetaData rule to event metadata in mxml files
  • [FLEXPMD-169] – reference to a variable binding from its initializer should be a strict error
  • [FLEXPMD-154] – Ruleset Exclude Patterns Are Ignored
  • [FLEXPMD-207] – Remove readonly attribute in the sourceDirectory of the Maven plugin
  • [FLEXPMD-205] – AvoidInstanciationInLoop Should Not Default to Severity "Error"

New Feature

  • [FLEXPMD-204] – [Maven] Add the ability to load a custom ruleset from a URL
  • [FLEXPMD-175] – ParameterizedRegExpBasedRule
  • [FLEXPMD-111] – Add a way to un-delete deleted rules
  • [FLEXPMD-78] – Math.floor, Math.ceil, Math.round are slow, prefer using int instead (performance)
  • [FLEXPMD-208] – Create a standalone project for create customized rules
  • [FLEXPMD-171] – add failOnRuleViolation option