RIA conference in Paris on January

If you are in the Paris area on 22nd January, you don’t want to miss this short conference:

The conference will be split into two parts:

1. From 2pm to 5.30pm: Conferences about RIAs seen by several software editors (Adobe and Microsoft) and open source actors. Student projects done with those technologies will be also presented.

2. From 6pm to 8pm: Workshop entitled “RIA or Web 2.0 help modernizing e-governement: Evolution ou Révolution” and concluded, subject to confirmation, by Eric Besson, State Secretary for Prospectives and Evaluation of Public Policies and Internet.

I hope to see you there.

Maven archetypes for Flex/Java development

A new Maven archetype repository has been created for Flex and / or Java projects.

Here is the list of archetypes:
* blazeds-autowired-spring-hibernate-archetype
* flex-cairngorm-stubbed-crud-archetype
* flex-cairngorm-flexunit-archetype
* flex-library-archetype

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FlexUnit: What’s new?

This new release of FlexUnit came along with additional features in both the FlexUnit API and the user interface.
Those new features have been created to simplify your daily testing.

As promised, here is the change list made for this release:

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New FlexUnit version released

Alistair announced it this afternoon: a new version of FlexUnit has been released and hosted on opensource.adobe.com.

And i’m very pleased to be part of the team which built it and see this update released to the community.
A lot of people in Adobe Consulting have been involved in this update, from both the technical and the User Experience practice to have the best tool possible.


Amongst other features, and a nicer user interface, we also added some features to the API. Ali will publish soon a full release note but here is a sneak peak:
– some assertions have been added to the API, related to regular expressions, and strings.
– some bugs have been fixed.

But the major changes have been on the user interface, helping the developer to easily navigate through the test suite, to identify where his code breaks, why it breaks.

From filtering test cases, by pretty printing the stack trace, to extracting the failure location, this new UI has been built to streamline your daily testing.



If you have any suggestions, feature requests, bug reports, please do it on the FlexUnit forum.

Hello world

Here we are! This is my brand new Adobe blog.

I’m Xavier Agnetti, working as RIA consultant for Adobe Consulting, based in Paris.

I will try to share with you my findings, my thoughts about the work I’m doing on Flex / Air / LCDS / Maven / Agile development.

Be back soon with a lot of posts!