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FlexPMD 1.2 released

The FlexPMD team is thrilled to announce that after 6 months, version 1.2 has left the building:

We and the community added a bunch of rules related to naming conventions, security, touch screens.
A new sample project has been created if you want to create your own rules.
You can now load a ruleset Maven from an URL.

Check out the latest bits here

Another great news: Xavi and I will be giving a session at MAX later this year about Flash based projects and quality management.

Here is the release note:

Bug resolved

  • [FLEXPMD-173] – UnusedPrivateMethod – reference in attribute initialization
  • [FLEXPMD-195] – UnusedLocalVariable rule fails to notice use in a particular function
  • [FLEXPMD-152] – PackageCase rule incorrectly reports upper case package names for mxml files
  • [FLEXPMD-167] – ASDoc rules failing when there is metadata between asdoc comment and attributes/methods/classes
  • [FLEXPMD-181] – Looks like FlexMetrics does not count properly static methods
  • [FLEXPMD-183] – Cannot suppress ExcessiveImport violation
  • [FLEXPMD-170] – OverLongLineRule fails if line length is equal to threshold
  • [FLEXPMD-160] – problems with some of the event rules
  • [FLEXPMD-120] – FlexPMD View remains blank
  • [FLEXPMD-130] – Runtime exception when removing markers
  • [FLEXPMD-126] – FlexPMD plugin is difficult to configure
  • [FLEXPMD-127] – FlexPMD fails silently if there's a space in the project path

New rules


  • [FLEXPMD-172] – Fill externalInfoUrl in the XML reports
  • [FLEXPMD-180] – recognize //NO PMD
  • [FLEXPMD-200] – Support NO PMD on mxml
  • [FLEXPMD-151] – apply the UnboundTypeInMetaData rule to event metadata in mxml files
  • [FLEXPMD-169] – reference to a variable binding from its initializer should be a strict error
  • [FLEXPMD-154] – Ruleset Exclude Patterns Are Ignored
  • [FLEXPMD-207] – Remove readonly attribute in the sourceDirectory of the Maven plugin
  • [FLEXPMD-205] – AvoidInstanciationInLoop Should Not Default to Severity "Error"

New Feature

  • [FLEXPMD-204] – [Maven] Add the ability to load a custom ruleset from a URL
  • [FLEXPMD-175] – ParameterizedRegExpBasedRule
  • [FLEXPMD-111] – Add a way to un-delete deleted rules
  • [FLEXPMD-78] – Math.floor, Math.ceil, Math.round are slow, prefer using int instead (performance)
  • [FLEXPMD-208] – Create a standalone project for create customized rules
  • [FLEXPMD-171] – add failOnRuleViolation option



FlexPMD 1.0 + FlexCPD 1.0 + FlexMetrics + Eclipse plugin released !

FlexPMD 1.0 is out.
FlexCPD 1.0 is out (and improved).
FlexMetrics 1.0 is also out.

and guess what, the Eclipse plugin is also out.

You will find more info on the wiki

FlexPMD 1.0-RC4 released

I’m pleased to announce that FlexPMD 1.0-RC4 has been released.

You can find resolved issues here (you need to be logged in to view the related issues)

On top of the resolved bugs, one feature has been added:
You can now append // NO PMD ruleName specifying the rule you want to ignore on that line.

You can find the latest download here.

Happy cleaning!