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I had to leave Adobe due to the restructuring plan.

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Many thanks and Goodbye for these many years.
Joseph Lee

Adobe solutions in Travel industry (TC)

Just completed a research about Adobe solutions in Travel industry (Traditional Chinese material).
PDF download: Adobe_Travel-s-20121014

To explain more, it shows that

– National Geographic has kept changing in their multi-channel business, and target on 30 M online subscribers within 2012 end, by transforming from static content (Adobe InDesign) to interactive content in iPad/Android (Adobe DPS).

– Business model:
Multiple topics & channels -> Increase subscription of membership -> Attract more advertisers and partners
Then using New Media to maximize these objectives again and again.

– Content Apps is the new trend to grow your business.
Beside what function you have, consumers care about what the exact benefit and emotion.
Similarly, P&O, Alive, Lonely Planet, Endless Vacation have contacted their customers via this new channel built by Adobe DPS.
No matter they are targeting on new subscription, customer loyalty, and advertisers.

– Business model: Attract -> Satisfy -> Realize -> Consume

– Expedia, the largest online travel agency in worldwide, has done well in business differentiation.
Started from Web, Mobile Apps, Focus activities (products), Social Media, and Traveler Experience.
To complete this, they have chosen Adobe Creative Suite and Adobe Social.
Within 6 weeks,  increase the social fans 100M (+750%), and 15-30 times comment increase in social wall

– Business model:
Topics -> Sell -> Get revenue
New Media -> Interest -> Gain eyeball
Traveler experience -> Touch -> Customer loyalty
Finally, Differentiation and Platform built-up


Case Studies for Adobe solutions (TC)

I attached the slide (Traditional Chinese) which I shared with bloggers and PR.

Hope you like this.  Thanks.

Slide (TC) download:


  1. Tablet is rising (P.2 – P.5)
  2. What is Adobe Digital Media?  (P.6 – P.21)
  3. What is Adobe Digital Marketing?  (P.22 – P.30)
  4. Adobe & Olympics  (P.31 – P.35)
  5. Design, Web, Video – How to build applications?  (P.36 – P.75)
  6. Adobe & HTML5   (P.76 – P.80)
  7. Adobe & Smart TV  (P.81 – P.89)
  8. Adobe & Gaming  (P.90 – P.118)


Adobe and Big Data (TC)

I’ve summarized a slide (Traditional Chinese) for the use cases of Adobe and Big Data.

Slide (Traditional Chinese): Adobe_BigData_Sharing_s_20120830

Omnimedia – Creation, Delivery, Analytics, and Monetization (SC)

Here is the slide (Simplified Chinese) for a coming event at Shanghai.

Exciting to share the concept how to realize the omnimedia with the support of Adobe Digital Media and Digital Marketing solutions.

Giving MTV, ESPN, and BBC as the examples. Target on optimizing and monetizing with the combination of your Audiences, Ads, and Content.

Slide (Simplified Chinese):  Adobe_Video_Solution_20120529

3 ways to create your Mobile Apps (TC)

Slide (Traditional Chinese) – A seminar talking about Mobile apps usages

It’s cool you have 3 ways to create your Mobile Apps.
By Design authoring, Web development, Video production, and their combination, you can build up and monetize any mobile app on your hands.

– DPS for {Story -> Ads -> Consume}
– Design -> Business model -> Customer involved
– Maximize your apps by Multiple deployment and Reusable content.
Video production:
– New media = new experience = new monetization.
– Any combination: Story + eBook + Movie + Game + Live + Social + Ads.

Adobe and Gaming (TC)

For preparing the material for a game studio, I wrote this slide talking about how Adobe tools can be used in the Gaming industry.
Hope you enjoy. Thanks.

Download (Traditional Chinese version):


Acrobat X usages – Why Adobe Acrobat, Features, Sharing, Security, and Processing (TC)

Acrobat X usages – Why Adobe Acrobat, Features, Sharing, Security, and Processing (TC)


All about Security – Concept of ISMS, Document Usage and Protection (TC)

All about Security – Concept of ISMS, Document Usage and Protection.

A 3-hour seminar (Traditional Chinese) for Government users.
Telling the fundamental concepts about ISMS, Risk, PDCA, Document consolidation, Protection (Password, Signature, Watermark, Redaction, Batching, and Online auditing).


Extensible Web conference – Meeting, Collab, Present, Training & Events (TC)

Here is a  slide (Traditional Chinese) about Adobe Connect  – a Web Conference and e-Learning platform.

The objective is to show all use cases. We can re-think how we fully utilize and deploy our web conferencing and collaboration to save more TCO and gain more ROI.

It’s based on the model of Forrester Wave of Web Conferencing, Q2 2010.

The usages of Web conferencing are,
1. Ad hoc collaboration
2. Team meetings
3. Partner collaboration
4. Sales presentations
5. Training sessions
6. Marketing events
7. Company meetings

The advantages of Adobe Connect are,
1. runs on Flash
– light, low bandwidth, high performance
– no extra cost for users

2. experience on computers and devices
– Android, iPhone, iPad, Blackberry Playbook, Smart TV
– two-way video, voice, chatting, and voting.

3. highly configurable
– native support document (ppt, pptx, pdf, html), media (flash, flv, mp3, mp4), and image (jpg, gif)
– extended by SDK, API, and 3rd extensions

4. support complex learning and presentation scenarios
– non-coding (Captivate, Presenter)
– development or coding (Flash Pro, Flash Builder)

5. persistent meeting rooms
– launch any meeting or material with a simple URL

7. highly secure
– compliance control from IT – Force recording, Share permission
– certified by both Neohapsis (Nov 2010, Oct 2009, Jun 2009) and Security Innovation (Oct 2007)

Wish you enjoy!  Thanks.