Acrobat 8 — Forms Design (TC)

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It’s a presentation (TC) for Forms Design by Acrobat Professional 8 and Designer.
Besides this, all sample files are included in this presentation as attachments.

I hosted a seminar in Oct 19, 2007 talking about form designer.
It has been recorded in Recorded Presentation

After a brief introduction of Adobe technology, I show 9 examples designing / using the PDF forms.
1) DIY in step by step (Introduction to form fields)
2) PDF to PDF form (by Auto Recognition of form template)
3) Word to PDF form
4) Scan file to PDF form
5) Collection (Data collection from PDF forms)
6) Templates in Designer
7) Word macro to PDF form
8) Excel to PDF form
9) Dynamic form

2 Responses to Acrobat 8 — Forms Design (TC)

  1. Mike says:

    Hi Joseph,Some interesting sample forms in there, and good to see Acrobat being used for non-Roman script.

  2. Monica says:

    Can i get the video in ENGLISH??