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Adobe CS3 and Flash Media Server 3 (TC)

Here’s a presentation(TC) for Adobe CS3 and Flash Media Server 3.
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(1) Why YouTube success?
(2) Usage of Flash Media Server in YouTube, BBC, Accelerade, HD,, Remix, Spike TV
(3) Mobile streaming
(4) Adobe Media Player
(5) CS3 Production
(6) Tryout

(1) Point out you can be the next YouTube.
— Flash Media Server provides Web DVR and Social Media networking. These are very unique features of FMS.
— Even RealPlayer chooses Adobe Media Player and FMS as their solution because of Web DVR.

(2) 80% web video streaming format is Flash Video
— The ROI of BBC iPlayer is 800% growth.

(3) Kevin Lin is a concept basis when we try to talk about 24 hours Endurance Run event by Accelerade (a drink) and Dean Karnazes (ultra-marathon man)
— Live Streaming by FMS. Fully high performance and highly scalable.
— If someone says we don’t have this high bandwidth, you can suggest the following.
— Suggest using 200-Kbps content instead, so for 5,200 concurrent connections, it needs 1-Gbps only.
— For Accelerade case, it used 312-Kbps content, so it needs 38-Gbps for 128,000 concurrent connections.
Also, the highest peak of bandwidth is predictable. e.g. at the last 30 minutes.

(4) Every device is a small computer and IPTV is coming.
(Refer to and the Forrester research paper)
— Sony Bravia will build-in Flash.
— Compared to the poor quality of current web video, Flash 9 provides HD (H.264) quality is the best choice for IPTV.
— When you try to play some web video, you can highlight the multi-camera switching, editing and replay.
These features can be implemented by FMS, Remix, Premiere and After Effects, etc.
— provides Commenting / Syndication by FMS
— MTV, YouTube and PhotoBucket use Adobe Remix (a express version of Adobe Premiere) for online editing.

(5) Ads, content provider, audiences all need the creative thing.
— You can see many great samples of user generated content.
e.g. If you are the guy of guys, you must watch Spike TV (Viacom)
— FMS provides Video-on-Demand (VOD)

(6) Taking photo (e..g. at 101), sharing video — all because of the Wisdom of Crowds.
— FMS provides mobile streaming by Flash Lite 3.
— Adobe Media Player can be streamed through FMS.
All content catalog, banner and overlay Ads are set by RSS and ATOM.

(7) Flash + Plug-in = Flex + AIR SDK = Both can create Flash (.swf) and AIR (.air) by your familiar Adobe tools

(8) CS3 provides production workflow
— Plan by PhotoShop & Illustrator. You can reuse all content at Flash authoring & Video production
— Capture using free Flash Media Encoder (FME) and/or Adobe OnLocation CS3
— Edit by Adobe Premiere Pro CS3
— Visual Effects by Adobe After Effects CS3
— Audio Editing by Adobe Southbooth CS3
— Deliver using FMS. Provide you from Web to HDTV. From personal HD movie to web streaming infrastructure

(9) Get tryout at
— FMS Developer version is free and limited to 10 concurrent connections only.
— flash on: showcases of Flash video and Flash.

(10) Now is Media 2.0. Cross-media and Cross-platform are king. That’s why you need Adobe.
— PC – most are Windows and Mac
— Handphone – most are Nokia (Symbian)
— HDTV, PDA, Billboards – most are Linux.
— Adobe flash is a 10+ years proven technology and keep promise on cross-platform and cross-media.