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Acrobat 8 for Sales and Marketing (TC)

I hosted e-Seminars (Traditional Chinese) of Acrobat 8 for Sales and Marketing at May 28, 2008.
Download file

Acrobat 8 for Legal Professionals (TC)

I hosted e-Seminars (Traditional Chinese) of Acrobat 8 for Legal Professionals at May 16, 2008.

How-to: Attached presentations contain step-by-step guide for you to repeat the work out.

Seminar 1 — Archivng
Reduce file size, PDF package=Super Zip-files, Long time archiving, Comparing documents

Seminar 2 — Security
Encryption, Redaction=Digital correction liquid, Review(Comment), Digital Signature

Seminar 3 — Useful Tips
OCR (31 languages), PDF form, Header and footers, Typewriter

Samples (TC)

Adobe Web Meeting, e-Learning and Education (TC)

Here’re three presentation (Traditional Chinese). We run these seminars at Apr 23, Apr 25 and May 9 in Taipei, Taichung, Kaohsiung.

Adobe Education 2008(presentation)
Connect for e-Learning (presentation) by Captivate, Presenter, Connect
Connect for Web Meeting (presentation)

Presenter (demo)
Captivate (demo)

How To: Set up Edge server of Connect 6 (EN)

Attached is the How-to guide of Edge server installation (English) of Connect 6.
Download file

I write it because there is so much information you need to know for installing successfully. Here’s a quick start to simplify your installation and verification.

What’s Edge server of Connect?
Edge server is supported for Adobe Connect Enterprise Server Licensed only.
From, you can apply trial of Connect Pro 6 Hosted only.You need to ask your sales representative to apply the trial licenses of Adobe Connect Enterprise Server Licensed and Edge server.

Edge Server has similar architecture as Flash Media Server (That’s why they call Origin and Edge) for data and video streaming.
It is used for distributed architecture for reducing bandwidth, transmission cost, server loading and O/S limitation (maximum number of network connection, memory, throughput, etc.).

For more detail, please check
(1) Adobe Connect Edge Server enables the Adobe Connect solution to reduce bandwidth and improve delivery for groups in remote locations.
(2) Connect Edge Server on a single server or a cluster of servers.

Adobe PDF for Digital Signature and Long-term Archiving in W/W (EN)

Attached is a worldwide collective information (English) of using Adobe PDF for Digital Signature and Long-term Archiving

Download file – v.1 (Original version — with Chinese summary)
Download file – v.2 (Original version — with Chinese summary)
Download file – v.3 (Original version — with Chinese summary)

Download file – v.1 (Pure English version)

Acrobat 8 hands on training (TC)

Here’s a training material (Traditional Chinese) for Acrobat 8 Professional.

(1) Guide (Presentation)
(2) How To (Step-by-step Hands on)

I hosted this training for four districts from Feb to Apr, 2008 talking the advanced usages of Acrobat 8.
(1) Engagement
(2) Long term Archiving — Special or Self-created characters can be embedded in PDF. That’s why PDF is portable and we need PDF to be ISO standard.
(3) PDF Package — Compressed files always bring virus / malware together. PDF can serve as a container that can contain PDF and other formats (Office, Image) into one PDF package.
(4) Project / Document Management — Downsizing from 30-MB source files becomes a small 3-MB PDF.
PDF has relatively high compression at Presentation, Photo, Scanned document, and 2D/3D CAD.
(5) Batch processing — Just one step to finish OCR, Numbering, Adding Watermark and Adding Security for multiple source files.
(6) Review — Done by Comments, Redaction and Digital Signature easily
(7) Form Design — for marketing survey and groupware workflow using Acrobat Professional and Reader only.
(8) Add Interaction — Embedded Flash and movies into one PDF. It’s really portable without any bad link.
(9) Tips — Support RSS, Adobe Labs (Digital Editions, Ads for Adobe PDF, Buzzword, SyncIn, Mars Project)

Some our paintings 2006 – 2008

Some our paintings from 2006 – 2007
Hope you enjoy.

Korea kimchee
Taiwan Taroko National Park
Taiwan Shu-lin
Taiwan Bitan
Japan Kiyomizu Temple
Cambridge Lechmere Canal Park

Hundred people

Pirates of the Caribbean
Miss Potter
The Devil Wears Prada
The Devil Wears Prada
Pride and Prejudice
Mr. Bean’s Holiday
Die Hard 4.0
Harry Potter
Marie Antoinette

Indigenous Children in Taiwan

Adobe RIA — Flash, Flex, AIR (TC)

Here’s 2 presentation files (Traditional Chinese) for Adobe RIA (Flash, Flex, AIR).
I added some reference URLs in these files too.

(1) Adobe RIA (Flash Platform)
— Flash Platform
— Flash Video
— Flash Lite
— RIA Developer
— Flex and LiveCycle

(2) Official presentation of Flex and AIR
— Features of Flex 3
— Features of Adobe AIR

I hosted this presentation in Apr 30, 2008 talking about Adobe RIA and Flex/AIR.

Most examples can be downloaded from URLs within presentation and the following links.
Besides this, I wrote a small sample for showing PDF and HTML using HTMLLoader because I can’t find a suitable one.

References (Design):
CSS Advisor
Flex 3 Style Explorer (CSS to Flex)
Adobe Magazine
Adobe Dialog Box
Adobe Video Workshop
Adobe Bookmarks
Adobe Product Documentation
Adobe Labs (Experience Adobe new technologies)
Designing for Flex (8 series)

References (Develop):
Adobe Developer Network
For Flash
For ActionScript
For Flex
Flex Quick Start
Flex Quick Start (Traditional Chinese)
Great Flex portal
Flex 2 Framework diagram on (PDF)
ActionScript 3 class diagram on (PDF)
Adobe AIR
Adobe AIR for JavaScript Developers Pocket Guide on Ajaxian (PDF)
Adobe technology platform ActionScript reference for RIA development (PDF)

Flash ActionScript 3.0 samples
Flex 3 Component Explorer
Flex 3 Dashboard
Flex 3 Configurator
Flex Store
Flex cookbook
Flex Showcase on
AdvancedDataGrid and Charting Samples by Kevin Hoyt
InsideRIA Series – Anatomy of an Enterprise Flex RIA
AIR Example Code by Daniel Dura (10 samples)
AIR Overview Presentation (PDF)
Flex Builder 3 Highlights (PDF)

Flex Design
Designer/developer workflow
Build Components
UI Design
Planning for RIA success (PDF, 108K)

Flash Development
Flex Architecture
Flex and Ajax
Flex and ColdFusion
Flex and Java
Flex and .NET
Flex and PHP

Toolkit Toolkit for Adobe AIR and Flex
Flash Developer Center on Yahoo! Developer Network
ColdFusion Developer Center on Yahoo! Developer Network
Flex Toolkit on eBay Developers Program
Components on

Flex Books at (with Book samples)
Learning ActionScript 3.0
ActionScript 3.0 Cookbook
ActionScript 3.0 Design Patterns
Programming Flex 2
Advanced ActionScript 3 with Design Patterns and its official site

Flex Books at Friends of ED (with Book samples)
The Essential Guide to Flex 2 with ActionScript 3.0
Object-Oriented ActionScript 3.0
Flex Solutions: Essential Techniques for Flex 2 and 3 Developers
Foundation ActionScript 3.0 with Flash CS3 and Flex
Foundation Flex for Designers
Creating Mashups with Adobe Flex and AIR
Foundation Flex for Developers: Data-Driven Applications with PHP, ASP.NET, ColdFusion, and LCDS
AdvancED Flex Application Development: Building Rich Media X
Foundation ActionScript 3.0 Animation: Making Things Move!