How To: Set up Edge server of Connect 6 (EN)

Attached is the How-to guide of Edge server installation (English) of Connect 6.
Download file

I write it because there is so much information you need to know for installing successfully. Here’s a quick start to simplify your installation and verification.

What’s Edge server of Connect?
Edge server is supported for Adobe Connect Enterprise Server Licensed only.
From, you can apply trial of Connect Pro 6 Hosted only.You need to ask your sales representative to apply the trial licenses of Adobe Connect Enterprise Server Licensed and Edge server.

Edge Server has similar architecture as Flash Media Server (That’s why they call Origin and Edge) for data and video streaming.
It is used for distributed architecture for reducing bandwidth, transmission cost, server loading and O/S limitation (maximum number of network connection, memory, throughput, etc.).

For more detail, please check
(1) Adobe Connect Edge Server enables the Adobe Connect solution to reduce bandwidth and improve delivery for groups in remote locations.
(2) Connect Edge Server on a single server or a cluster of servers.

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