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Acrobat 9 for Government (TC)

Presentation file (Traditional Chinese)

I’ll host a 3 hour seminar for Acrobat 9 to Government customer at June 5.
I’m still waiting the official release of Reader 9.

What’s the usage?
(1) PDF Portfolio in one PDF = RFP -> Proposal -> Review -> Presentation -> Close project
Customer: RFP in PDF Portfolio containing some fillable PDF forms.
Vendor: Reply RFP and append proposals to the PDF Portfolio.
Customer: Using Collect to merge RFP responses into CSV or XML.
Customer: Distribute vendors’ proposals to reviewers. (Benefit: Reader only)
Vendor: Formal presentation (Benefit: Adobe Reader 9 contains Flash Player 9 and all video are converted automatically into Flash Video format. They are 100% cross-platform and self-sustainable)
Customer: Close project and summarize a report based on RFP and proposals

(2) Whenever you try to email / send-via-IM / copy-to-USB with a compressed file,
I suggest you can use PDF Portfolio instead. One PDF for worrying less and managing less.

(3) High compression in PDF. All contents can be converted to PDF in one-click.
For secure, consistent, easy-to-view and long time archiving, converting Email + Office + Image + Scanned file + 2D/3D CAD + Publishing + Web pages + Multimedia (flash, video, audio)

(4) More secure with 256-bit AES Encryption.

(5) Better export in Word and Excel. e.g. Multi-column, currency, etc.

(6) OCR with ClearScan — a technology of Bitmap-to-Vector.
Provide you all possibilities in Searching, Copying text, and Editing.

(7) PDF Forms — Very cool. Trace who has reply and who hasn’t. Re-send or Stop / Extend collecting.

(8) Web Capture — Become highly accurate even capturing multi-column, flash material, etc.

(9) Compare documents — Very useful for comparing images, presentation files, etc.
It can detect what you deleted and moved !

(10) Adobe Presenter 7 — a best selling e-Learning tool. Now it supports Webcam, PDF-export, etc.

(11) Conavigating: Based on Beta. Waiting for the release.

(12) GIS support: It works with 4 registration locations. Still thinking it’s usage.