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Acrobat 9 — Feature matrix (EN, TC), Brief and Function (TC)

Some information about Acrobat 9. Most are in Traditional Chinese.

Acrobat 9 Feature matrix (EN)
Acrobat 9 Feature matrix (TC)

Acrobat 9 Product Brief (TC)
Acrobat 9 Functions (TC)
Acrobat 9 Pro Extended brief (TC)

Following idea of Lori movie Office of the 21st Century,
I made a Web version (TC)
and a A9 PDF version (TC)

BTW, I used FLVPlaybackCaptioning in Flash CS3.
The easiest part is technology (flash video, playback, caption integration). Less than 30 minutes.
The most difficult part is making caption, including translation, voice-and-caption synchronization (e.g. 00:00:03.279), add some expression and transition, transparency of the caption background, regulating size and position, testing again and again. I made this for a whole day.
I do respect to caption makers and dubbing professionals.

For downloading Reader 9, please go to

Office of the 21st Century (TC)

Follow up Lori movie Office of the 21st Century,
I made a Traditional Chinese version Office of the 21st Century (TC) too.


New Trend in Flash Video and Flash Media Server 3 (TC)

Here’s a training material (Traditional Chinese) for Flash Video and Flash Media Server 3.
Download file

1. Adobe
(a) Adobe Players is ubiquitous
* High Penetration: Mobile, PMP, Game console and PC
(b) Technical Pioneer
* Image (PostScript), Document (PDF), Web (Flash), Video (Flash Video) and Application (AIR)
* Reader 9, Flash 10 and AIR 1 (Flash = RIA bridges to all)
(c) 4 Ecosystems:
* Designers Developers
* Content Publishers POD (Publish / Print-on-demand) On-demand (Content / Ads-on-demand)
* Content Operators Handsets Content-to-go
* Content Web 2.0 Service Providers Front-end Applications Eyeball vs. Engage

2. Flash Video
(a) Web Video Trend is going high
(b) Flash Video Applications:
* Web DVR + Social Media = YouTube Quick Capture
* Live broadcasting = Ads focusing content (no Ads will be skipped)
* Web quality to HD (H.264) high quality
* Video Commenting (e.g.
* Streaming by Mobile (Flash Lite 3) and Adobe Media Player
(c) Strategy:
* Flash Video is the leading format in Web Video
* Ads Ecosystem = Adobe Media Player + Service Provider + Ads Producer + Content Provider
* Flash Video streaming in all devices (Video and Data Streaming by Flash Player 6+ and Flash Lite 3+)

3. Flash in Mobile / Device
(a) 2007 deployment: Mobile > CE > PC
(b) Strategy:
* Flash Lite is the leading RIA in mobile (shipping > 500M)
* Push Content Services (by Adobe Flash Cast) = NTT DoCoMo, Verizon Wireless and China Telecom
* Open Screen Project: Removing restrictions on use of the SWF and FLV/F4V specifications, Removing licensing fees of next major releases of Adobe Flash Player and Adobe AIR for devices free, etc.
* High Penetration in all devices

4. Details of Flash Video
(a) Introduction
* What’s Flash?
* What’s Flash Video (FLV)?
* 3 deployments (Embedded, Progressive, Streaming)
(b) Comparison of Flash Media Streaming Server 3 and Flash Media Interactive Server 3

5. Deployment
(a) Front-end: Created with swf / air by Flash CS3 / Flex Builder 3
(b) Front-end: Integrated with html / air by Dreamwaver CS3
(c) Testing: Simulated by Device Central CS3 for mobile development
(d) Back-end: Streaming by Flash Media Server (just changing HTTP to RTMP)
(e) Back-end: Monitoring by FMS Administration Console
(f) Production: Video Production by CS3 Production Premium

6. Adobe Applications
(a) Clients: High penetration
(b) Applications: Video, Web, RIA and Cross-media
(c) Tools: CS and Flex Builder
(d) Services / Servers: LiveCycle, ColdFusion, Flash Media Server, Acrobat Connect, Flash Cast and Scene 7