Acrobat 9 — Feature matrix (EN, TC), Brief and Function (TC)

Some information about Acrobat 9. Most are in Traditional Chinese.

Acrobat 9 Feature matrix (EN)
Acrobat 9 Feature matrix (TC)

Acrobat 9 Product Brief (TC)
Acrobat 9 Functions (TC)
Acrobat 9 Pro Extended brief (TC)

Following idea of Lori movie Office of the 21st Century,
I made a Web version (TC)
and a A9 PDF version (TC)

BTW, I used FLVPlaybackCaptioning in Flash CS3.
The easiest part is technology (flash video, playback, caption integration). Less than 30 minutes.
The most difficult part is making caption, including translation, voice-and-caption synchronization (e.g. 00:00:03.279), add some expression and transition, transparency of the caption background, regulating size and position, testing again and again. I made this for a whole day.
I do respect to caption makers and dubbing professionals.

For downloading Reader 9, please go to

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