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e-Government: Interactivity by PDF to improve your service energy (TC)

Here’s a Government seminar material (Traditional Chinese) for Adobe PDF and Acrobat.
Download file

(1) Adobe Brief
(2) Common PDF issues in Government
— Compliance of Long term archive
— Compliance of PDF Security
— PDF support issues and Government compliance with/without Acrobat
— Acrobat acts a Data collector. Not conversion only
Input: Paper, Documents, CAD, Multimedia, Email
Process: Re-organize, Merge, Encrypt, Add watermark, Comment, Digital Signature
(3) Government Application (G2G and G2B/G2C) in PDF
— Digital Signature + Comment without plug-in.
— Watermark + Encryption + Redaction for security
— PDF Portfolio in usage of RFP, Public announcement, etc.
— Increase interactivity by Flash and Presenter
(4) Customer Stories
— US Paperwork Reduction Act
— More than 1.5 billion of PDF downloads from IRS
— Long term archive and Digital Signature in HK
— Taiwan government usage:
Using Acrobat 5 to 8 for merge, Compression, embedding self-created characters, and RFP annoucement.
Attractive points in Acrobat 9: PDF Forms, PDF Portfolio, and Embedded Video.
(5) Appendix

Acrobat 9 Training of Educaton (TC)

Here’s a training material (Traditional Chinese) for Acrobat 9 Training of Educaton.
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(1) Acrobat 9 Common Usage
— PDF Portfolio (Merge documents, engineering design)
— Email Archiving
— Scan to PDF
— Presentation / Promotion (Native flash support. PDF Forms)
— Electronic Review (Comment, Stamp, Digital Signature)
— Control Public Document (To remove sensitive information)

(2) Tips

Adobe RIA ~ The beauty of Design with Technology (TC)

Adobe ~ The beauty of Design with Technology (TC)

Here’s a presentation material (Traditional Chinese) for Adobe technologies in e-Publishing at Sept 17, 2008.
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1. eBook
* Change and unchange in publishing (by PDF and Flash)
Evolution of e-Book:
— Static text e-book.
— Simple multimedia e-book (video and audio).
— FLYP Media is an good example using the publishing thinking to generate a new electronic style. (e.g. Book card, poster, template style)
— Grimm Press and Guru Bear use video streaming in their Illustration. From physical book publishing to illustration streaming. Never think before! This really a new business model.

2. Fashion
* The meeting of Reality and Virtual (by Create Suite)
— How to attract new group of customers? may be an answer.
— is a product when Vogue tries to discover the new relationship among designers, bloggers, and their services (ads, magazine).
— Their traditional web site is focus on information sharing, not much on social networking.
— Now it provides you fashion with cover story, best-to-buy, interactive voting.
— It also provides you different group of information, from video, blog to designer news, all stands the base of social networking.
— At last, it tries to earn your attention at their ads and magazine subscription.

* Anthropologie
— Physical boutique (Anthropologie) to Virtual boutique (
— All virtual boutiques can give you the latest information in more intelligent way compared to traditional catalog.
— That’s why they use Flash and Adobe AIR to categorize their products interactively.

3. Consumer Electronics
* The generation of Content-to-go (by Flash Lite)
— Flash Player is ubiquitous because there are 800 M connected PC installed and 800 M devices (400 models) shipped.
— For the FY2007 financial report, you can see the revenue of Flash license was 50 M or above. And this business was 40% growth from year-to-year.
— However, Adobe decided to free its license fee, remove the use restriction, announce the technology specification of API and data push.
— It’s a game of give and take. When it’s free, Flash and AIR will become truly ubiquitous.

4. Streaming integration
* We can build up the new world (by Flash Media Server)
— Flash video is a dominant format in the networking by high network consumption, popular user interfaces, and nearly installed in every connected PC.

— Many players have used Adobe technologies to build up their business. We can see they are not the video producer or media related corporation. However, these cross-media break through the new market model.
Cross media to Web Video:
+ Video blog: YouTube in US (from network). I’m Vlog in Taiwan (from TV).
+ Network TV: in HK (from press). Olympics TV in CCTV (from TV).
+ Others: MySpace, hulu, MTV, NBC, Fox, CNN. NYT

— Online interaction provides a personal platform to communicate with others immediately and face-to-face. e.g. Lunchtimers (games), Ustream.TV (live broadcasting), Moqulus (personal TV), MTV (online editing), Tokbox (video meeting), Viddler (video commenting).
— In technical, I cannot see any difference between video streaming and data streaming. In business, you can see a new business can be lighted up when you change your positioning slightly.

5. Using Adobe in all directions
— Now Adobe Reader 9 can play Flash 9 natively. It’s a new opportunity if you want to publish a rich multimedia e-book supporting online / offline and security.
— FLYP media: Photo and Illustration design (PhotoShop and Illustrator) => Publishing (InDesign) => Export (Flash / PDF)
— Graphics and Interaction design (PhotoShop and Flash) => Web version (Dreamweaver), AIR version (ActionScript), and maybe Mobile version in future (Device Central – a mobile emulator of flash content)
— Grimm press / Guru Bear: Image (PhotoShop) => Animation (Flash) => Video Streaming (Flash Media Server) => Play (Flash Player)

6. Ending
— Content is King
— Personalization
— Less is More
— Interactive Relationship
— User Experience. Not UI only