Critical issues in Information Sharing (TC)

Here’s a material (Traditional Chinese) for discussing why we need Acrobat.
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(1) Green IT Growth
(a) Long time archiving
(b) Paper at 1962 vs. e-Document at 2008 (unexpected file structure, outdated or incorrect specifications)

(2) Information Security
(a) P2P causes confidential information leaks
(b) Redaction w/o Acrobat

(3) Can software save the world?
(b) Ubiquitous Access, Data Management, Information Visualization and Multimedia, Simulation, Virtual Social Networking and Collaboration, Anonymity, eCommerce

(4) Acrobat – not a converter only
(a) Native flash support, PDF Portfolio, Email data management, OCR and Vectorized, Native CAD support, e-Learning authoring

(5) Collaborative Review
(a) The nightmare of endless plug-in
(b) Review by Acrobat and Reader

(6) Usage
(a) Green PDF
(b) US gov, HK gov, US man, TW man

(7) Appendix

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