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Adobe PDF in e-Government 2009 (TC)

Last quarter I hosted a seminar for government (Traditional Chinese).


It showed some key issues of document.
1. Ubiquitous of Adobe PDF
2. Three topics in Document management
– Archiving standard in Taiwan, Hong Kong, China, Europe, and Dubai.
– Automation (by PDF portfolio or LiveCycle): Merge, OCR, Header/Footer, Watermark, Encryption
– e-Form in US, Australia and local
3. Digital Signature – Dilemma in local. Successful usages in budget, court, FDA, and e-ID
4. Collaboration in India and e-Japan
5. Security / Privacy protection

Adobe LiveCycle ES2 and RIA introduction (TC)

Here is the Adobe LiveCycle ES2 and RIA introduction (Traditional Chinese).


1. The basic idea of ES2 = Less customization using building blocks
2. Benefit of Adobe RIA = Cross platform without other plug-in
3. Three key RIA = Adobe PDF, Flash and AIR
4. LiveCycle architecture = Over 55 fundamental components and many Application components
i.e. Fundamental components = email, database, ldap, file handling
i.e. Application components = schedule, document encryption, archiving, assembling, etc.
5. Three common usages of LiveCycle = Collaboration (in manufacturing), Forms (in government), and Dashboard (in financial)

10 interesting Adobe applications at Online CS Festival (TC)

I will present 10 interesting Adobe applications at Online CS Festival (Traditional Chinese).
It can show you a brief picture of Adobe 2009.


1. Video (Video + Social market)
2. Enterprise RIA (Why CTO need to care?)
3. Web Service (The basis of EAI, SOA, Cloud)
4. Flash 3D (Engine)
5. Flash on device (WiiFlash + Sensors)
6. Social (Facebook market)
7. Publishing (e-Book market)
8. Contextual application (How to be anytime & anywhere?)
9. PDF container (from multimedia to document)
10. CS automation (Kuler and Adobe Scripting / SwitchBoard)