Adobe Today (TC) – Part 2

This is the part 2 of Adobe Today briefing (Traditional Chinese).


Some interesting topics are selected.

1. What’s the statistical meaning of Flash usage?
– 70% in gaming
– 75% in video
– 85% in web
– 95% in Flash Player 10
– 95% in mobile

2. Examples of Flash usage
– Animation, Video, Application

3. News of Acrobat:
– How we promote e-Portfolio in Acrobat 9?
– A series of joint learning activities with Cheng Shiu University, Shu-Te University, Tainan University of Technology, Kun Shan University, I-Shou University. And the momentum is keep going …

4. News of Adobe Connect Pro
– PPT/PPTX, PDF, Flash support. Thanks to internal technologies of PPT-to-Flash and PDF-to-Flash. It’s the reborn of FlashPaper.
– moodle (LMS) support for easily manage the meeting, recording and scheduling.
– iPhone (apps) support. I think the coolest thing is this app is made of AS3 and exported directly by Flash CS5.

5. News of Flash Media Server
– NCAA, HBO Go, ABC, Fox, U2 on YouTube, ESPN3

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