LiveCycle eForm (PDF / Flash) Case Studies (TC)

Attached is the Traditional Chinese slide of LiveCycle eForm Case studies


1. Form Processing: Standard (PDF, XML), Front-end (Reader, Designer, Workbench),
Back-end (Foundation, Solution components), and Integration in LiveCycle
2. Adobe LiveCycle Reader Extensions ES2 – Its function and comparison with Acrobat Pro
3. Australia PDF SmartForms – Huge ROI by Share form fragments while maintaining the Standard data schema
4. ROI of Financial dynamic PDF forms – AXA, Citi, Wachovia, RBC, HSBC, AIG, Nationwide, MetLife
5.Poland e-Deklaracje Desktop – Fast adaption by Adobe AIR and Reader across multi-platform
6.Kane County – Cover standardization and easy-to-use by building work processes of Flash and PDF forms
7. FAA – Form processing, management and document control
8. – a great showcase of LiveCycle integration – Real-time dashboard (user behavior tracking), Online decision making (price beat), Users need Adobe Reader only (all documents and CAD are all converted to PDF), DRM security, and Content management (RFQ, Attachment, data source consolidation).
9. NATO – 70 data source with realtime content integration
10. NASDAQ, Morgan Stanley – Realtime transaction

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