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eGov – Briefing of Document Archive and Security Practice (TC)

A general briefing (Traditional Chinese) of document archive and security practice in eGovernment.


5 major issues:
1. Document is portable?
2. Digital Signature is easy to use?
3. Official document / Form is easy to design?
4. How to Review? (Distributed or Centralized)
5. Content is Confidential / Sensitive?

Datasheet of LiveCycle ES2 (TC) (EN)

LiveCycle ES2 Datasheet

Traditional Chinese:

1. PDF Generator ES2

2. Forms ES2

3. Rights Management ES2

4. Digital Signature ES2

5. Content Services ES2

6. Reader Extensions ES2


1.LiveCycle ES2 Summary Card and Product Portfolio

2. Forms ES2

3. Rights Management ES2

4. Digital Signatures ES2

5. Data Services ES2

6. Mosaic ES2

7. Collaboration Service

8. PDF Generator ES2

9. Process Management ES2

10. Business Activity Monitoring (BAM) ES2

11. Content Services ES2

12. Connectors for ECM

13. Reader Extensions ES2

14. Output ES2

15. Production Print ES2