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Very powerful CS5 Web Premium (TC)

Here is the material (Traditional Chinese) of  the CS5 launch seminar in Taichung and Kaohsiung.
When I prepared for CS5 Web Premium, I really think it’s very powerful tools in this world 🙂

Here is what I think about.
Adobe_CS5_Web_20100806  (Slide in Traditional Chinese)

1) Flash Family – Flash Pro, Flash Catalyst, Flash Builder
* Ubiquitous – Flash Player 10.1  and AIR 2.0 on TV, PC, and mobile
* CS5 workflow of designer and developer
* Idea from InDesign, a cool Text Layout Framework (TLF) is perfect for ebook and publishing application
* Bone + Deco + Bitmap-to-vector tool – can easily build up your unique animation
* Device Central – a emulator supported latest Android, Blackberry, Nokia, HTC, Motorola, Apple devices.
* 3 code generators:
– Code fragment in Flash Pro CS5 – a fast object and code generator
– Flash Catalyst CS5 export FXP project for Flash Builder 4 – generate all mxml, as, imported files
– A proxy generated for the pair of Flash Builder AS3 and PHP (which connects to Database) without writing any code

2) Dreamwever CS5
* Live Preview and Code hinding for PHP, CSS3, HTML5, Javascript, CMS (Drupal, WordPress, Joomla!)
* HTML5 pack – CSS3 and Multiscreen (Mobile, Tablet, and PC) support
* Widget Browser – a quick code generator

3) CS Live
* SiteCatalystNetaverages – obtain latest mobile and desktop information (browser version, runtime, market share)
* BrowserLab – to emulate web page results when rendered in different browser versions.

Please visit CS5 Web Premium for more information

Revised – Adobe Digital Publishing – DRM and New Media (TC)

Here is the revised version (Traditional Chinese) of the seminar content.
Major Updates: Cash card and Market information (Google, NYT, Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and others) 
Part A:
Part B:

Here is the information in Chinese.
這是上次研討會的內容的修改版本,新增點數卡、市場訊息 (Google, 紐約時報, Amazon, 邦諾等)