Acrobat X – Paperless, Secure, Dynamic & Cloud (TC)

We will have User seminar of Acrobat X on next week.

Here are some amazing elements of this great product …  but it’s in Traditional Chinese only.

Part 1 (Download) – Document platform on next generation

Paperless – New OCR engine to support better and smaller output, High quality of Office conversion, Filtering comments, e-Form, and e-Signature.

Secure – by Encryption, Watermark, and Redaction.

Operation – by Action (Compliance but can reserve flexibility), and Large volume deployment.

Part 2 (Download) – Document on Cloud

Professional – Xuan’s Portfolio (Before and After), and Reader X on devices.

Efficiency – by Merging documents with single click for both manageable and unmanageable sources.
(Manageable sources: Scan, Office, PDF, Images, DWG)
(Unmanageable sources: Scan, Email, Clipboard, Web)

Dynamic – by New designed e-Portfolio, and Version control with SharePoint integration. – Adobe SendNow (sending and receipting of 100-MB large files), Document Services (5-GB free storage and Flash fast preview), Adobe e-Signatures, Adobe ConnectNow and extensible to Connect 8 and Connect Mobile.

Digital Publishing – from Static PDF, Interactive content, Device to Cross media. This covers 10 year roadmap of Adobe.

RIA – Reform the document DNA (Dynamic security control, Personalized report, RIA control the content flow), LiveCycle, and RIA on certified devices (Flash Player 10.1, AIR 2.5)

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  1. Mike says:

    hey Joseph, another great deck – wish all Adobe decks were as compelling and engaging !!!