Adobe Flex and Connected devices for Customer Experience Management (TC)

Recently I have a customer presentation (Traditional Chinese) for Adobe roadmap.

The topics are related to Flex 4.5, Device, and CEM (Customer Experience Management).
And I think it may be an nice topic for anybody interesting in Mobility, User Experience, Flash & HTML5, and Business improvement.

Part A and  Part B

In summary,

Adobe Flash Platform
- Mobility, ROI for Enterprise
- One Web and one UX to any Device (Mobile, Tablet, Connected TV, eBook device)
- Overcome difficulties: OS, Screen density, Device native API
- Next: Context application

Adobe supports HTML5
- WebKit for AIR, HTML5 pack for Dreamweaver and Illustrator, Flash to HTML5
- Next: Fit Client

Workflow:Designer & Developer
- Visual Designer -> Interactive Designer -> Developer
- Using FXG 2.0 for Graphics and Layout interchange
- Next: High KPI and Low risk  in Context, User, Data, Backend, and Access points

Adobe Flex
- Flex SDK (open source), Flex 4, and Flash Builder

Core Business Improvement
- Rich for better UI,  Intuitive data management, Concurrent data push
- Methodology for business improvement (14 steps)
- Requirement engineering: Discover -> define questions/ROI,  Document -> Plan -> Validate -> User acceptance test
- Next: Development is the last step
- Key successful factors: User engagement, User Experience, Operation optimization, Integration optimization
- Leverage legacy systems with Adobe Flash Platform, CEM, and Online Marketing Suite

Why Adobe?
- because it’s Most admired, Has positive strategy and pricing structure, Impressive, On-Premise & Cloud, and Highly secure, etc.

Use cases
- Customer stories
- Recognition and endorsement
- Experienced developers

Adobe Servers
- Enterprise Multi-Screen Architecture
- LiveCycle ES2
- LiveCycle Data Services
- ColdFusion