Adobe solutions in Travel industry (TC)

Just completed a research about Adobe solutions in Travel industry (Traditional Chinese material).
PDF download: Adobe_Travel-s-20121014

To explain more, it shows that

– National Geographic has kept changing in their multi-channel business, and target on 30 M online subscribers within 2012 end, by transforming from static content (Adobe InDesign) to interactive content in iPad/Android (Adobe DPS).

– Business model:
Multiple topics & channels -> Increase subscription of membership -> Attract more advertisers and partners
Then using New Media to maximize these objectives again and again.

– Content Apps is the new trend to grow your business.
Beside what function you have, consumers care about what the exact benefit and emotion.
Similarly, P&O, Alive, Lonely Planet, Endless Vacation have contacted their customers via this new channel built by Adobe DPS.
No matter they are targeting on new subscription, customer loyalty, and advertisers.

– Business model: Attract -> Satisfy -> Realize -> Consume

– Expedia, the largest online travel agency in worldwide, has done well in business differentiation.
Started from Web, Mobile Apps, Focus activities (products), Social Media, and Traveler Experience.
To complete this, they have chosen Adobe Creative Suite and Adobe Social.
Within 6 weeks,  increase the social fans 100M (+750%), and 15-30 times comment increase in social wall

– Business model:
Topics -> Sell -> Get revenue
New Media -> Interest -> Gain eyeball
Traveler experience -> Touch -> Customer loyalty
Finally, Differentiation and Platform built-up


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