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Acrobat 8 — Forms Design (TC)

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It’s a presentation (TC) for Forms Design by Acrobat Professional 8 and Designer.
Besides this, all sample files are included in this presentation as attachments.

I hosted a seminar in Oct 19, 2007 talking about form designer.
It has been recorded in Recorded Presentation

After a brief introduction of Adobe technology, I show 9 examples designing / using the PDF forms.
1) DIY in step by step (Introduction to form fields)
2) PDF to PDF form (by Auto Recognition of form template)
3) Word to PDF form
4) Scan file to PDF form
5) Collection (Data collection from PDF forms)
6) Templates in Designer
7) Word macro to PDF form
8) Excel to PDF form
9) Dynamic form

Adobe PDF in government (TC)

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A Chinese presentation about applying PDF in government
(1) Talk about how PDF goes to ISO standard and portable in government site
(2) Generalized usage in US (federal, IRS, FDA)
(3) Consistent format in India (18 languages)
(4) Cost saving in Australia
(5) To extend their business, PDF can be integrated with RIA, Flex and LiveCycle.

Acrobat 3D v.8 — 3D PDF, PMI, Collaboration (TC)

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A Chinese presentation focuses on Acrobat 8 families, Acrobat 3D and PMI.
Collaboration by Review (Models & PMI), Security, XML Metadata, 5C in Acrobat 8.
The major benefits to business are:
(1) Fasten the Collaboration between technical and non-technical people
(2) Fasten the time-to-market
(3) Security control of design / IP (no need to provide native CAD files)
(4) Supports PMI data for exchanging the design.
(5) Create 2D models (views) directly from 3D designs (no need to do poor quality screen capture again and again)
(6) Low cost implementation (no need to buy expensive CAD translators and viewers for different CAD formats)
(7) Integrate different CAD designs, project control materials into one PDF (portable, secure, low cost and it’s standard)

Acrobat 8 — 5C application (TC)

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A Chinese presentation focus on 5C applications on Acrobat 8
(1) Create — built-in OCR (20+ languages) creates a hidden text PDF
— Email exporting / archiving by PDF
— AutoCAD export
(2) Combine — PDF packages (Just right click in your explorer and combine them)
— Then, use Bates Numbering creates a uniform report (header, footnote, pagination).
(3) Collaborate — Review & Comment online / offline
(4) Collect — Form design by Word / Illustratrator. Then use Acrobat’s Form Field Recognition or Designer.
— Collected information into a PDF package and export to Excel for statistical usage.
(5) Control — by password, digital signature and LiveCycle Rights Management (policy) Server
(6) Others: some showcases of Acrobat 3D