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Revised – Adobe Digital Publishing – DRM and New Media (TC)

Here is the revised version (Traditional Chinese) of the seminar content.
Major Updates: Cash card and Market information (Google, NYT, Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and others) 
Part A:
Part B:

Here is the information in Chinese.
這是上次研討會的內容的修改版本,新增點數卡、市場訊息 (Google, 紐約時報, Amazon, 邦諾等)

Adobe Digital Publishing – DRM and New Media (TC)

I’ll host a seminar about Digital Publishing.
The topic is DRM and New Media.
From market, format, Adobe in digital publishing, DRM requirement and sample, device samples, DRM platform, and future in social media.

Here’s my shared slides (Traditional Chinese).


The following are same information in Chinese.
這是 2010/8/11 的簡報內容,
以數位內容出版為範圍, 主題為: DRM 的意涵與新媒體竄起
從電子出版市場, 帶出格式, Adobe 在電子出版運用上。
緊接 DRM 的需求與案例, 電子書裝置的案例, DRM 平台,
最後是 Content + Social 的趨勢發展。

內容有所更新 (2010/8/3), 在下一篇文章
The content has been updated. You can get it at the next arcticle.

The Breakthrough and Trend in DRM and Digital Publishing (TC)

Download file

A seminar topic focused on DRM and Digital publishing in Chinese.
(1) Talk about DRM technology (watermark, offline and online protection)
(2) Business models (how to pull & push customers by expiration, 1-shot, marketing by P2P, library, subscriber, blogger, POD, etc.)
(3) Case studies (sony, google, founder, zinio, mobile, apple, adobe).