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Revised – Adobe Flex and Connected devices for Customer Experience Management (TC)

This is the simplified version of the last post.

And some research data has been updated too.

Download (Traditional Chinese)


Adobe Flex and Connected devices for Customer Experience Management (TC)

Recently I have a customer presentation (Traditional Chinese) for Adobe roadmap.

The topics are related to Flex 4.5, Device, and CEM (Customer Experience Management).
And I think it may be an nice topic for anybody interesting in Mobility, User Experience, Flash & HTML5, and Business improvement.

Part A and  Part B

In summary,

Adobe Flash Platform
– Mobility, ROI for Enterprise
– One Web and one UX to any Device (Mobile, Tablet, Connected TV, eBook device)
– Overcome difficulties: OS, Screen density, Device native API
– Next: Context application

Adobe supports HTML5
– WebKit for AIR, HTML5 pack for Dreamweaver and Illustrator, Flash to HTML5
– Next: Fit Client

Workflow:Designer & Developer
– Visual Designer -> Interactive Designer -> Developer
– Using FXG 2.0 for Graphics and Layout interchange
– Next: High KPI and Low risk  in Context, User, Data, Backend, and Access points

Adobe Flex
– Flex SDK (open source), Flex 4, and Flash Builder

Core Business Improvement
– Rich for better UI,  Intuitive data management, Concurrent data push
– Methodology for business improvement (14 steps)
– Requirement engineering: Discover -> define questions/ROI,  Document -> Plan -> Validate -> User acceptance test
– Next: Development is the last step
– Key successful factors: User engagement, User Experience, Operation optimization, Integration optimization
– Leverage legacy systems with Adobe Flash Platform, CEM, and Online Marketing Suite

Why Adobe?
– because it’s Most admired, Has positive strategy and pricing structure, Impressive, On-Premise & Cloud, and Highly secure, etc.

Use cases
– Customer stories
– Recognition and endorsement
– Experienced developers

Adobe Servers
– Enterprise Multi-Screen Architecture
– LiveCycle ES2
– LiveCycle Data Services
– ColdFusion

Silent installation guides of lastest Acrobat 9 with Patch and Flash Player (TC)

Here are the Silent installation guides (Traditonal Chinese) for you to install
(1) Acrobat 9 with Patch
(2) Latest Flash Player

Acrobat and Patch Slient Install
Flash Player Patch Slient Install

The following is the information in Chinese。

如何以背景安裝方式,來安裝 Acrobat 及 Flash Player?

(1) 配合派送程式,同時安裝 Acrobat 以及 patch 更新檔。
(2) 配合派送程式,安裝最新版的 Flash Player。

LiveCycle eForm (PDF / Flash) Case Studies (TC)

Attached is the Traditional Chinese slide of LiveCycle eForm Case studies


1. Form Processing: Standard (PDF, XML), Front-end (Reader, Designer, Workbench),
Back-end (Foundation, Solution components), and Integration in LiveCycle
2. Adobe LiveCycle Reader Extensions ES2 – Its function and comparison with Acrobat Pro
3. Australia PDF SmartForms – Huge ROI by Share form fragments while maintaining the Standard data schema
4. ROI of Financial dynamic PDF forms – AXA, Citi, Wachovia, RBC, HSBC, AIG, Nationwide, MetLife
5.Poland e-Deklaracje Desktop – Fast adaption by Adobe AIR and Reader across multi-platform
6.Kane County – Cover standardization and easy-to-use by building work processes of Flash and PDF forms
7. FAA – Form processing, management and document control
8. – a great showcase of LiveCycle integration – Real-time dashboard (user behavior tracking), Online decision making (price beat), Users need Adobe Reader only (all documents and CAD are all converted to PDF), DRM security, and Content management (RFQ, Attachment, data source consolidation).
9. NATO – 70 data source with realtime content integration
10. NASDAQ, Morgan Stanley – Realtime transaction

Adobe LiveCycle ES2 and RIA introduction (TC)

Here is the Adobe LiveCycle ES2 and RIA introduction (Traditional Chinese).


1. The basic idea of ES2 = Less customization using building blocks
2. Benefit of Adobe RIA = Cross platform without other plug-in
3. Three key RIA = Adobe PDF, Flash and AIR
4. LiveCycle architecture = Over 55 fundamental components and many Application components
i.e. Fundamental components = email, database, ldap, file handling
i.e. Application components = schedule, document encryption, archiving, assembling, etc.
5. Three common usages of LiveCycle = Collaboration (in manufacturing), Forms (in government), and Dashboard (in financial)

10 interesting Adobe applications at Online CS Festival (TC)

I will present 10 interesting Adobe applications at Online CS Festival (Traditional Chinese).
It can show you a brief picture of Adobe 2009.


1. Video (Video + Social market)
2. Enterprise RIA (Why CTO need to care?)
3. Web Service (The basis of EAI, SOA, Cloud)
4. Flash 3D (Engine)
5. Flash on device (WiiFlash + Sensors)
6. Social (Facebook market)
7. Publishing (e-Book market)
8. Contextual application (How to be anytime & anywhere?)
9. PDF container (from multimedia to document)
10. CS automation (Kuler and Adobe Scripting / SwitchBoard)

Slides of RIA and LiveCycle ES2

Here’re slides (Traditional Chinese) of our RIA and LiveCycle ES2 seminar at Dec 22, 2009.

Press Conference-20091222.pdf

Brief of Adobe RIA


Enterprise RIA: UI? Rich? Content + Apps, Contextual apps
Difficulties of IT
Solution 1: Lower lerning and communication barriers
Solution 2: Integrate with legacy architecture by Adobe RIA
Server side: Adobe Flash Media Server, Adobe Acrobat Connect Pro 7
SOA/Cloud apps


Idea: No customization -> Building blocks -> Combination
Architecture: Foundation and Solution components
Usages: Document collaboration, Fom data capture, Visualization

Adobe RIA ~ The beauty of Design with Technology (TC)

Adobe ~ The beauty of Design with Technology (TC)

Here’s a presentation material (Traditional Chinese) for Adobe technologies in e-Publishing at Sept 17, 2008.
Download file

1. eBook
* Change and unchange in publishing (by PDF and Flash)
Evolution of e-Book:
— Static text e-book.
— Simple multimedia e-book (video and audio).
— FLYP Media is an good example using the publishing thinking to generate a new electronic style. (e.g. Book card, poster, template style)
— Grimm Press and Guru Bear use video streaming in their Illustration. From physical book publishing to illustration streaming. Never think before! This really a new business model.

2. Fashion
* The meeting of Reality and Virtual (by Create Suite)
— How to attract new group of customers? may be an answer.
— is a product when Vogue tries to discover the new relationship among designers, bloggers, and their services (ads, magazine).
— Their traditional web site is focus on information sharing, not much on social networking.
— Now it provides you fashion with cover story, best-to-buy, interactive voting.
— It also provides you different group of information, from video, blog to designer news, all stands the base of social networking.
— At last, it tries to earn your attention at their ads and magazine subscription.

* Anthropologie
— Physical boutique (Anthropologie) to Virtual boutique (
— All virtual boutiques can give you the latest information in more intelligent way compared to traditional catalog.
— That’s why they use Flash and Adobe AIR to categorize their products interactively.

3. Consumer Electronics
* The generation of Content-to-go (by Flash Lite)
— Flash Player is ubiquitous because there are 800 M connected PC installed and 800 M devices (400 models) shipped.
— For the FY2007 financial report, you can see the revenue of Flash license was 50 M or above. And this business was 40% growth from year-to-year.
— However, Adobe decided to free its license fee, remove the use restriction, announce the technology specification of API and data push.
— It’s a game of give and take. When it’s free, Flash and AIR will become truly ubiquitous.

4. Streaming integration
* We can build up the new world (by Flash Media Server)
— Flash video is a dominant format in the networking by high network consumption, popular user interfaces, and nearly installed in every connected PC.

— Many players have used Adobe technologies to build up their business. We can see they are not the video producer or media related corporation. However, these cross-media break through the new market model.
Cross media to Web Video:
+ Video blog: YouTube in US (from network). I’m Vlog in Taiwan (from TV).
+ Network TV: in HK (from press). Olympics TV in CCTV (from TV).
+ Others: MySpace, hulu, MTV, NBC, Fox, CNN. NYT

— Online interaction provides a personal platform to communicate with others immediately and face-to-face. e.g. Lunchtimers (games), Ustream.TV (live broadcasting), Moqulus (personal TV), MTV (online editing), Tokbox (video meeting), Viddler (video commenting).
— In technical, I cannot see any difference between video streaming and data streaming. In business, you can see a new business can be lighted up when you change your positioning slightly.

5. Using Adobe in all directions
— Now Adobe Reader 9 can play Flash 9 natively. It’s a new opportunity if you want to publish a rich multimedia e-book supporting online / offline and security.
— FLYP media: Photo and Illustration design (PhotoShop and Illustrator) => Publishing (InDesign) => Export (Flash / PDF)
— Graphics and Interaction design (PhotoShop and Flash) => Web version (Dreamweaver), AIR version (ActionScript), and maybe Mobile version in future (Device Central – a mobile emulator of flash content)
— Grimm press / Guru Bear: Image (PhotoShop) => Animation (Flash) => Video Streaming (Flash Media Server) => Play (Flash Player)

6. Ending
— Content is King
— Personalization
— Less is More
— Interactive Relationship
— User Experience. Not UI only

Adobe RIA — Flash, Flex, AIR (TC)

Here’s 2 presentation files (Traditional Chinese) for Adobe RIA (Flash, Flex, AIR).
I added some reference URLs in these files too.

(1) Adobe RIA (Flash Platform)
— Flash Platform
— Flash Video
— Flash Lite
— RIA Developer
— Flex and LiveCycle

(2) Official presentation of Flex and AIR
— Features of Flex 3
— Features of Adobe AIR

I hosted this presentation in Apr 30, 2008 talking about Adobe RIA and Flex/AIR.

Most examples can be downloaded from URLs within presentation and the following links.
Besides this, I wrote a small sample for showing PDF and HTML using HTMLLoader because I can’t find a suitable one.

References (Design):
CSS Advisor
Flex 3 Style Explorer (CSS to Flex)
Adobe Magazine
Adobe Dialog Box
Adobe Video Workshop
Adobe Bookmarks
Adobe Product Documentation
Adobe Labs (Experience Adobe new technologies)
Designing for Flex (8 series)

References (Develop):
Adobe Developer Network
For Flash
For ActionScript
For Flex
Flex Quick Start
Flex Quick Start (Traditional Chinese)
Great Flex portal
Flex 2 Framework diagram on (PDF)
ActionScript 3 class diagram on (PDF)
Adobe AIR
Adobe AIR for JavaScript Developers Pocket Guide on Ajaxian (PDF)
Adobe technology platform ActionScript reference for RIA development (PDF)

Flash ActionScript 3.0 samples
Flex 3 Component Explorer
Flex 3 Dashboard
Flex 3 Configurator
Flex Store
Flex cookbook
Flex Showcase on
AdvancedDataGrid and Charting Samples by Kevin Hoyt
InsideRIA Series – Anatomy of an Enterprise Flex RIA
AIR Example Code by Daniel Dura (10 samples)
AIR Overview Presentation (PDF)
Flex Builder 3 Highlights (PDF)

Flex Design
Designer/developer workflow
Build Components
UI Design
Planning for RIA success (PDF, 108K)

Flash Development
Flex Architecture
Flex and Ajax
Flex and ColdFusion
Flex and Java
Flex and .NET
Flex and PHP

Toolkit Toolkit for Adobe AIR and Flex
Flash Developer Center on Yahoo! Developer Network
ColdFusion Developer Center on Yahoo! Developer Network
Flex Toolkit on eBay Developers Program
Components on

Flex Books at (with Book samples)
Learning ActionScript 3.0
ActionScript 3.0 Cookbook
ActionScript 3.0 Design Patterns
Programming Flex 2
Advanced ActionScript 3 with Design Patterns and its official site

Flex Books at Friends of ED (with Book samples)
The Essential Guide to Flex 2 with ActionScript 3.0
Object-Oriented ActionScript 3.0
Flex Solutions: Essential Techniques for Flex 2 and 3 Developers
Foundation ActionScript 3.0 with Flash CS3 and Flex
Foundation Flex for Designers
Creating Mashups with Adobe Flex and AIR
Foundation Flex for Developers: Data-Driven Applications with PHP, ASP.NET, ColdFusion, and LCDS
AdvancED Flex Application Development: Building Rich Media X
Foundation ActionScript 3.0 Animation: Making Things Move!

Adobe RIA Application (TC)

Download file

A presentation (in TC) about RIA usages
1) Internet
— Flash = RIA
2) Document
— Acrobat, Connect, Share, Buzzword, 3D PDF
3) Multimedia
— FLV wins Emmy Award, FMS, AMP, Remix
4) Development
— Engagement, AIR, Flex, LiveCycle, Thermo
5) Device
— Device Central CS3, Flash Cast, Experience and UI, Flash Lite 3