Revised – Adobe Flex and Connected devices for Customer Experience Management (TC)

This is the simplified version of the last post.

And some research data has been updated too.

Download (Traditional Chinese)


Adobe Flex and Connected devices for Customer Experience Management (TC)

Recently I have a customer presentation (Traditional Chinese) for Adobe roadmap.

The topics are related to Flex 4.5, Device, and CEM (Customer Experience Management).
And I think it may be an nice topic for anybody interesting in Mobility, User Experience, Flash & HTML5, and Business improvement.

Part A and  Part B

In summary,

Adobe Flash Platform
– Mobility, ROI for Enterprise
– One Web and one UX to any Device (Mobile, Tablet, Connected TV, eBook device)
– Overcome difficulties: OS, Screen density, Device native API
– Next: Context application

Adobe supports HTML5
– WebKit for AIR, HTML5 pack for Dreamweaver and Illustrator, Flash to HTML5
– Next: Fit Client

Workflow:Designer & Developer
– Visual Designer -> Interactive Designer -> Developer
– Using FXG 2.0 for Graphics and Layout interchange
– Next: High KPI and Low risk  in Context, User, Data, Backend, and Access points

Adobe Flex
– Flex SDK (open source), Flex 4, and Flash Builder

Core Business Improvement
– Rich for better UI,  Intuitive data management, Concurrent data push
– Methodology for business improvement (14 steps)
– Requirement engineering: Discover -> define questions/ROI,  Document -> Plan -> Validate -> User acceptance test
– Next: Development is the last step
– Key successful factors: User engagement, User Experience, Operation optimization, Integration optimization
– Leverage legacy systems with Adobe Flash Platform, CEM, and Online Marketing Suite

Why Adobe?
– because it’s Most admired, Has positive strategy and pricing structure, Impressive, On-Premise & Cloud, and Highly secure, etc.

Use cases
– Customer stories
– Recognition and endorsement
– Experienced developers

Adobe Servers
– Enterprise Multi-Screen Architecture
– LiveCycle ES2
– LiveCycle Data Services
– ColdFusion

Acrobat X – Paperless, Secure, Dynamic & Cloud (TC)

We will have User seminar of Acrobat X on next week.

Here are some amazing elements of this great product …  but it’s in Traditional Chinese only.

Part 1 (Download) – Document platform on next generation

Paperless – New OCR engine to support better and smaller output, High quality of Office conversion, Filtering comments, e-Form, and e-Signature.

Secure – by Encryption, Watermark, and Redaction.

Operation – by Action (Compliance but can reserve flexibility), and Large volume deployment.

Part 2 (Download) – Document on Cloud

Professional – Xuan’s Portfolio (Before and After), and Reader X on devices.

Efficiency – by Merging documents with single click for both manageable and unmanageable sources.
(Manageable sources: Scan, Office, PDF, Images, DWG)
(Unmanageable sources: Scan, Email, Clipboard, Web)

Dynamic – by New designed e-Portfolio, and Version control with SharePoint integration. – Adobe SendNow (sending and receipting of 100-MB large files), Document Services (5-GB free storage and Flash fast preview), Adobe e-Signatures, Adobe ConnectNow and extensible to Connect 8 and Connect Mobile.

Digital Publishing – from Static PDF, Interactive content, Device to Cross media. This covers 10 year roadmap of Adobe.

RIA – Reform the document DNA (Dynamic security control, Personalized report, RIA control the content flow), LiveCycle, and RIA on certified devices (Flash Player 10.1, AIR 2.5)

Very powerful CS5 Web Premium (TC)

Here is the material (Traditional Chinese) of  the CS5 launch seminar in Taichung and Kaohsiung.
When I prepared for CS5 Web Premium, I really think it’s very powerful tools in this world 🙂

Here is what I think about.
Adobe_CS5_Web_20100806  (Slide in Traditional Chinese)

1) Flash Family – Flash Pro, Flash Catalyst, Flash Builder
* Ubiquitous – Flash Player 10.1  and AIR 2.0 on TV, PC, and mobile
* CS5 workflow of designer and developer
* Idea from InDesign, a cool Text Layout Framework (TLF) is perfect for ebook and publishing application
* Bone + Deco + Bitmap-to-vector tool – can easily build up your unique animation
* Device Central – a emulator supported latest Android, Blackberry, Nokia, HTC, Motorola, Apple devices.
* 3 code generators:
– Code fragment in Flash Pro CS5 – a fast object and code generator
– Flash Catalyst CS5 export FXP project for Flash Builder 4 – generate all mxml, as, imported files
– A proxy generated for the pair of Flash Builder AS3 and PHP (which connects to Database) without writing any code

2) Dreamwever CS5
* Live Preview and Code hinding for PHP, CSS3, HTML5, Javascript, CMS (Drupal, WordPress, Joomla!)
* HTML5 pack – CSS3 and Multiscreen (Mobile, Tablet, and PC) support
* Widget Browser – a quick code generator

3) CS Live
* SiteCatalystNetaverages – obtain latest mobile and desktop information (browser version, runtime, market share)
* BrowserLab – to emulate web page results when rendered in different browser versions.

Please visit CS5 Web Premium for more information

Revised – Adobe Digital Publishing – DRM and New Media (TC)

Here is the revised version (Traditional Chinese) of the seminar content.
Major Updates: Cash card and Market information (Google, NYT, Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and others) 
Part A:
Part B:

Here is the information in Chinese.
這是上次研討會的內容的修改版本,新增點數卡、市場訊息 (Google, 紐約時報, Amazon, 邦諾等)

Adobe Digital Publishing – DRM and New Media (TC)

I’ll host a seminar about Digital Publishing.
The topic is DRM and New Media.
From market, format, Adobe in digital publishing, DRM requirement and sample, device samples, DRM platform, and future in social media.

Here’s my shared slides (Traditional Chinese).


The following are same information in Chinese.
這是 2010/8/11 的簡報內容,
以數位內容出版為範圍, 主題為: DRM 的意涵與新媒體竄起
從電子出版市場, 帶出格式, Adobe 在電子出版運用上。
緊接 DRM 的需求與案例, 電子書裝置的案例, DRM 平台,
最後是 Content + Social 的趨勢發展。

內容有所更新 (2010/8/3), 在下一篇文章
The content has been updated. You can get it at the next arcticle.

Silent installation of latest Patch to existing Acrobat 9 (TC) – Part 2

This is the part 2 of the last installation guide (Traditional Chinese).
Here we want to update patches of Acrobat 9.

Installation guide of Acrobat Patch

The following is the description in Chinese.
上一篇文章提到的都是新安裝,包含 Acrobat 9 + Patch,以及 Flash Player 10.1
而這一篇則提到針對既有的 Acrobat 9,如何更新 Patch 內容。

Silent installation guides of lastest Acrobat 9 with Patch and Flash Player (TC)

Here are the Silent installation guides (Traditonal Chinese) for you to install
(1) Acrobat 9 with Patch
(2) Latest Flash Player

Acrobat and Patch Slient Install
Flash Player Patch Slient Install

The following is the information in Chinese。

如何以背景安裝方式,來安裝 Acrobat 及 Flash Player?

(1) 配合派送程式,同時安裝 Acrobat 以及 patch 更新檔。
(2) 配合派送程式,安裝最新版的 Flash Player。

eGov – Briefing of Document Archive and Security Practice (TC)

A general briefing (Traditional Chinese) of document archive and security practice in eGovernment.


5 major issues:
1. Document is portable?
2. Digital Signature is easy to use?
3. Official document / Form is easy to design?
4. How to Review? (Distributed or Centralized)
5. Content is Confidential / Sensitive?

Datasheet of LiveCycle ES2 (TC) (EN)

LiveCycle ES2 Datasheet

Traditional Chinese:

1. PDF Generator ES2

2. Forms ES2

3. Rights Management ES2

4. Digital Signature ES2

5. Content Services ES2

6. Reader Extensions ES2


1.LiveCycle ES2 Summary Card and Product Portfolio

2. Forms ES2

3. Rights Management ES2

4. Digital Signatures ES2

5. Data Services ES2

6. Mosaic ES2

7. Collaboration Service

8. PDF Generator ES2

9. Process Management ES2

10. Business Activity Monitoring (BAM) ES2

11. Content Services ES2

12. Connectors for ECM

13. Reader Extensions ES2

14. Output ES2

15. Production Print ES2