Cairngorm 3 Libraries update !

We just released a new version of Cairngorm 3 which include new version of some of the Libraries.

This version add new exciting features as well as bug fixes.

We would also like to hear more from you as we start thinking about a coherent roadmap for future releases and we would like you to get involved by providing us ideas for new features you would like to see in Cairngorm Libraries and obviously we would like to know about bugs you find as well. So I encourage you to use the Adobe Bug tracking tool

You can also access the Cairngorm official Forum from here !

This said, below you can find some details about the changes we’ve made in this new release!

Module Library v0.9 (beta)

is now a Flex SDK4 library (while keeping a backward compatible Flex 3 swc as well).

The major change in this library is the addition of the new ModuleViewLoader which is an advanced Module Loader implemented as a spark component.

It gives you the ability to define a custom spark skin to deal with the different states and look&feel.

This ModuleViewLoader also expose a Load Policy Strategy and 2 default implementations are available.

  • BasicLoadPolicy is going to load/unload the module on AddedToStage or RemoveFromStage events.
  • LazyModuleLoadPolicy is going to load the module when a message pointing to that given module instance is dispatched using the moduleId metadata.

To have a concrete idea of how to use the library I suggest that you checkout the ModuleTest project where you can find real working examples.

Validation Library v1.9

Some bugs were fixed.

Navigation Libraries v0.9 (rc)

Some new features were added such as:

  • Added Parallel Navigation Support
  • Improved unloading when used within Modules (not yet supported in Swiz extension)
  • Added Tracking State, Wizard, History Features to Swiz Extension

And for people who are interested about SpringAS we also started to implement a SpringAS version of the Navigation Lib which is currently in development and almost ready  but nonetheless already accessible from here.

Integration Libraries v0.11 (alpha)

These libraries are still quite experimental but we went thru a massive re-organization…

  • Integration library now contains
    • Data Cache mechanism which is framework independent as it is only dependent on Spicefactory spicelib library.
    • File Delegate/Responder
    • and some useful common Integration error classes.
  • IntegrationParsley library contains features dependent on Parsley framework such as infrastructure classes to deal with
    • Local Connection
    • RPC
  • IntegrationDMS library is dependent on Parsley framework and contains infrastructure classes to deal with LCDS Data Management. Within this Cairngorm release the SWC is only working with LCDS 2.6.1 but we are going to build an artifact for LCDS 3.1 very soon (within few days)

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TreeGrid Component added to FlexLib

As I promise you some great things,
I’m proud to contribute to the amazing FlexLib Project with a TreeGrid Component.

This is an early version and therefore contains bugs so any feedbacks and comments are well appreciate 🙂
Also, there are tons of features we could add like Hierarchical Sorting and Filtering. I’m very excited about the availability of this component! I’m looking forward to see how it will evolve ☺

… and of course Thanks to Darron Schall for this great open source project and for his help to the integration of the TreeGrid in this library. So, send him back some Love too 😉

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Hello World

This is my new Adobe blog!
I will quickly introduce myself, my name is Yaniv De Ridder, I’m a Senior Consultant (Rich Internet Application), working at Adobe Consulting EMEA, based in Belgium (Benelux) but spending most of my time in Edinburgh, the heart of the RIA practice for Europe. 🙂

I will blog about custom flex components, effects, of course about Cairngorm, and other cool things.
I will also share as most as possible my experimentations around Rich Internet Applications (Flex, Apollo, Flash, …)

– So, be back soon with great posts!!

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