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The Official “CJKV” Chariot

My wife and I own a pair of identically-configured Tesla Model 3 EVs (electric vehicles). Mine is Pearl White with a white interior, and bears a California Snoopy Plate that is personalized with the four letters CJKV. See above. It is my “CJKV” Chariot. My wife’s one is Red with a black interior, and bears a sequential California Snoopy Plate. Both are the Long Range Dual Motor All-Wheel Drive configuration that has an advertised range of 310 miles and goes from zero to 60 mi/h (100 km/h) in a mere four seconds. The instant acceleration—at any speed—never gets old.

Like the Source Han and Noto CJK typefaces whose fonts were built in and released to our planet from California, the same is true of our Teslas. Both were built at the nearby factory in Fremont. We took delivery of our first one, the Pearl White one, at the Fremont Delivery Hub on 2018-09-25. We ordered the Red one on 2018-12-14, which was delivered to our home in San José on 2018-12-18.
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15 Year Danny Shatford

I’d like to use this opportunity to feature one of the less prominent personalities of Adobe’s Type Team, Daniel W.B. Shatford, who prefers to be called “Danny” by his friends, colleagues, and pretty much everyone else on the planet. Only his wife of countless years, mother, and three siblings refer to him a “Daniel,” but only when he is misbehaving, which is an incredibly rare event. I seem to recall him mentioning that his late father affectionately called him Danny Boy.
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Adobe-Japan1-6 Is Expecting!

Dr. Ken Lunde, the attending physician at Adobe Regional Hospital, would like to share some Very Good News™ about Adobe-Japan1-6. According to a recent pregnancy test, Adobe-Japan1-6 is expecting, and Supplement 7—to be referred to as Adobe-Japan1-7—is now scheduled to be born sometime during the first half of next year. What’s more, the ultrasounds have revealed that near-identical twins are expected.

After a thorough investigation into this news-worthy matter, Dr. Lunde strongly suspects that Supplement 7 was originally conceived on December 1, 2017, and based on the current growth rate of the twins, as evidenced through ultrasounds, the expected delivery date will be on or around May 1, 2019, but definitely not before February 24, 2019.
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Year of the Rooster

It is now January 28, 2017 in China and other Chinese-speaking regions.

I’d like to use this opportunity to welcome the Year of the Rooster, and to wish a Chinese New Year to all of my Chinese friends, colleagues, and blog readers. May this year be safe, prosperous, and enjoyable.
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“Bahts is [not] parts”

—Mistakes happen—

—Humans make mistakes—

—Anything made by humans has the potential to include mistakes—

The most important things about mistakes are that 1) we recognize them, lest they propagate; 2) we learn from them; 3) we make an effort not to repeat them; and 4) we try to fix them, if possible.

Some mistakes are more easily fixed than others. Mistakes that cannot be fixed must be worked around.

With that said, an interesting event of historical significance occurred in June of 2000:
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“CJKV Information Processing” 2E Humor & Easter Eggs

For those who have read all or parts of my latest book, CJKV Information Processing (Second Edition), published by O’Reilly Media at the end of 2008, or who reference it when necessary, this article should be of interest. I did post all of these to my Twitter account on October 11, 2013, but I figured that it was also good to include them in a single article that is easily referenced.

In addition to writing the entire book, I also typeset the entire book, except for its cover. This included compiling the Index. This allowed me to inject a bit of humor into the book, to include hidden messages. While this article is not a complete account of the easter eggs (イースター・エッグ in Japanese), some of the more memorable ones are chronicled here. In other words, this article does not include a complete list of them.
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Top Ten List: Reasons To Abandon Shift-JIS Encoding

In the spirit of encouraging developers, especially those in Japan, to provide better or more broad support for Unicode, which usually entails abandoning Shift-JIS encoding, I became inspired this evening to put together a Top Ten List that provides various Reasons To Abandon Shift-JIS Encoding, similar to the Unicode Beyond-BMP one that I prepared a couple years ago.

While humor is intended in such Top Ten Lists, there is also a serious side to this issue: Given that today’s systems work together, by clinging to Shift-JIS, developers can adversely affect other systems that do support Unicode.


Unicode Beyond-BMP Top Ten List

I have presented this internally, at IUC34, and as part of my presentation at the most recent IMUG meeting. It is a Top Ten list of reasons why it is important to support code points beyond the BMP (Basic Multilingual Plane). Click here to view it. Enjoy!


去年夏天,一组来自于清华(Tsinghua)和帕森(Parsons)设计学院的学生在北京街头拍摄,以一种创新的形式记录下城市青年人的文化,他们在街头寻找穿情侣T-Shirt的年轻人,摆成二十六个拉丁字母的姿势,并命名该”字体”为Beijing Sweat。

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