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ProRes Codecs now a free download

Apple has released the ProRes Codecs as a free download for Mac QuickTime here:


No word on a compressor for Windows, however.

UPDATE: These codecs still require an Apple Pro app installed to work. Cheapest option is still to get Compressor or Motion from the App Store for about $50. If the codecs are installed, Adobe apps can output ProRes.


    Don’t these require FCP to be installed on the system?

    Getting the ProRes Codec – Creative Cow’s Final Cut Pro forum is headed … Or by chance is there a secret codec somewhere that you can download? … Avid provides free access to their codecs

      Sadly, there is not an official place to get the codec for free. I was hoping that this knowledgebase article finally provided an installer that wasn’t tied to the Apple pro apps, but the installer checks for one of the pro apps before it installs.

    As I found out, thanks to Thomas Worth, one doesn’t need nor Motion or Compressor from FCP to work in Premier Pro 5 with Pro Res 4444 encoded .mov files.
    You can download the Apple codecs here:


    You’ll have to unpack the PKG file and install the codecs manually,
    because Apple doesn’t want you to install them unless you have Final
    Cut Pro already installed. Use a utility like unpkg to extract the
    files, then copy them into /Library/QuickTime:

    You can download unpkg for free here:

    After one done all that, PrPro5 and Adobe Media Encoder automatically add these codecs to Quick Time export codecs and work with Pro Res 4444 .mov containers natively, and I would say even smoother , than with .MOVs .
    To me, in such setup CS5 Production becomes the best option for Mac.

    Props to SERGEY for the unpkg suggestion. Worked perfect for me that way!

    My question: how can I export a sequence as a ProRes file using Adobe CS5 Premiere from a PC (Win7)? The Apple download is for an Apple .dmg file.

      The ProRes codecs are only made available on the Mac Platform. Apple has not released any official ProRes encoders for Windows at this time.

    Alternately, installing the Final Cut Pro trial will allow the ProApps Codec installer to run. You don’t need to even start FCP for the first time, should you want to postpone the start of the 30-day trial.

    Thanks for this – Was struggling for a while to get it working and tim Dougs unpkg works seamlessly.!! Nice one – Great post

    Thank you! unpkg worked : )

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