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Adobe Anywhere for Video

I’ve been quiet about a new technology coming from Adobe, called Anywhere for Video, not because I didn’t have anything to say. Rather, I’ve been trying to keep the excitement to myself until the time was right. Every time I get to play with the technology, I end up giggling hysterically, since my brain keeps trying to tell me what I’m doing shouldn’t be possible.

If you haven’t heard of Adobe Anywhere yet, start by watching this short-but-informative video: http://tv.adobe.com/watch/adobe-anywhere/introducing-adobe-anywhere-for-video/

For a more detailed technical understanding, read this post by John Montgomery from FXGuide: http://www.fxguide.com/featured/new-tech-adobe-anywhere/

I first got the opportunity to work with a VERY EARLY version of this technology back in Feb/March of this year. Keep in mind that this was an early “proof-of-concept” version, so I need to stress that what I played with may not represent the final product. It didn’t even have a name at that time. But what I got to touch was mind-blowing. I sat down at Premiere Pro, and began to edit. This was XDCAMHD 50 422 footage. JKL playback in the Source monitor was super-smooth. Inserting clips onto the timeline was super-smooth. Adding effects and transitions between clips worked just like I expected they would. The kicker? The footage was on a server over 1000 miles away. Quality during playback was nearly indistinguishable with the original media, and if I paused on a frame and blew it up full-screen, it WAS the original frame.

There are very few technologies that make me cackle maniacally, but Anywhere did it. Many Many times.

At NAB 2012, we did the first public-facing demonstration of this early collaborative editing technology. I edited onstage in Las Vegas, and then handed off what I was working on to Dan working up in Seattle. The footage we were editing on was on a server in San Jose, California. And the time to pass an edit back and forth took seconds.

I’ve since showed the technology around Asia-Pacific, and it gets the same reactions that I experienced – this is the way editing remotely should be, and the way collaboration should be. Anyone who has had to download massive files, or waited around for an overnight delivery, can related to the power of Adobe Anywhere.

Anywhere also has fun implications across shorter distances. Doing massive amounts of layers in a multicam edit? Anywhere sends a single “stream” to your local machine, eliminating traditional bandwidth concerns across a facility network. Need 30 students working on the same source media? No need to copy to 30 workstations, when Anywhere can serve up the footage without massive fibre-channel installations.

While Adobe Anywhere has now been officially unveiled, it’s not going to be available until sometime in 2013. The most up-to-date information on pricing or availability will be at the Anywhere site here: http://success.adobe.com/microsites/adobeanywhere.html

It’s gonna be big. 🙂

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