CC Tutorials Gets Connected

Creative Cloud Tutorials is a mobile app our team built that delivers training content to our customers. CC Tutorials was built after talking with the Adobe Primetime team about use cases for their new Primetime Player SDK.

The product team wanted to provide a full featured player to developers to help them get started. We wrote the video player inside CC Tutorials as that code that the product team could provide to our external customers.

Along the way our CC Tutorials App now has over 165,000 downloads.

CC Tutorials v2 gets Connected

Tutorials are great. You watch someone do someting and then you follow along. We even built-in a 10 second rewind button so you can jump back easily if you miss something,

But what if you wanted to create a true second screen learning experience where the screen you are using to guide you actually, you know, guided you. We thought that would be an interesting idea so we partnered with Mira from the Adobe Research team. She had an app in the app store called the Photoshop Tutorial Player.

We decided it would be interesting to merge the two tecnologies and create a true second screen learning app.

The special bit that is pure magic to all who have seen it is that CC Tutorials on your iPad or iPhone connects through a wifi connection with Photoshop. So when you are looking at the tutorial you can just click “show me” and it will instruct Photoshop to do the action or activity rather than you clicking around and doing it yourself.

Now, you might be saying, “wow that is super lazy of you.” You would be right. It is a bit lazy but it is also quite handy when you just want to see how the story gets to its conclusion. You can always step backward and do it yourself.

Head over to the iTunes App Store and download it now.

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