Personalized Customer Experience

The Adobe@Adobe team have been working on early builds of AEM Screens to deliver a personalized customer experience in San Jose’s new Customer Experience Center. The center opened in mid-September with a variety of next generation digital experiences. Working with the Brand, CEC and AEM Screens teams we built an internet of things (IoT) enabled experience.

“A@A brings personalized information screens on a new level; a perfect, 1st reference for AEM Screens.”

– Martin Buergi, Product Manager

Bringing the brand to life

Our visual design team worked with Adobe’s brand brand team to bring the Adobe business unit icons to life. We were given a still image created in Photoshop from a Cinema 4D file. Our motion design guru, Andrew Zhai, got to work recreating the ribbons behind the the icons in After Effects. He used the tight integration between Cinema 4D and After Effects to make it all come to life.

This animation is the starting point for the experience. It is a screen saver that loops continuously until someone is detected in front of the screen.

Art of the Possible

The personalized customer experience uses AEM Screens to display relevant customer success stories on an 84″ touch enabled display. The magic of the solution pairs Bluetooth beacons with AEM Screens. When a customer visits the CEC wearing a name tag equipped with a beacon the screen recognizes them and the screen changes before their eyes.

When customers are brought into the experience center, a briefing manager explains the technology. We are using beacons so that all customers can experience the interaction without having to have a mobile app loaded.

During the tour the briefing manager relates how, in their business, it could be a mobile app the customer has loaded. They relate how instead of a beacon their customers could leverage a loyalty app that broadcasts when they are in the store to display relevant information.

Our first customer, a retail bank, was very impressed when they saw the screen. Their briefing manager said the CMO and the other VPs were talking about how this technology might work in their business.

“There is no challenge too hard for the A@A team, the personalized lobby experiences powered by AEM for the new CEC is really impressive.”

– Cedric Huesler, Group Product Manager

Building on Creeper

The initial technical exploration of an internet of things based solution culminated at last year’s Adobe Tech Summit. Our team worked with the organizers to build out a technology proof of concept around the brainstorm room – a space at Tech Summit for collaboration.

Our idea was to key off the RFID embedded in attendee’s badges. Then when they entered the room the RFID antenna picked up their name and location and announced their names as they entered the room. Then on a display in the center of the room it displayed who was in the room and what expertise they possessed.

The goal of the project was to enable patrons of the brainstorm room to find someone in the room that may have a skill they needed to explore their idea. If a group lacked someone with machine learning skills they might find someone on the screen that showed their image and skill they were looking for. They could then connect with them and bring them into their discussions.

Our team learned much from our exploration with this early project code named Creeper.

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