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New Adobe Sign Integrations – MS Office365

With the recent integration between Adobe Sign and Microsoft Office 365, Adobe has empowered our own global workforce to streamline business processes. The Adobe Sign add-ins for Office 365 has provided our employees with the ability to seamlessly commence review and approval workflows that require secure electronic signatures. This new add-in automatically converts various O365 formats to PDF, creates necessary digitally signature fields, and thus enables Adobe’s own workflow users to sign documents electronically anywhere & on any device:

This new integration ensures that Adobe’s team leaders and individual contributors can efficiently collaborate, communicate, and make decisions.

We recently worked with Meredith Milks, ROC Operations Manager from the North America Deal Desk to migrate several of their processes over to using this new capability. She had this to say about her team having recently transitioned to a new training certification process:

Capturing training compliance for a team with a strong fiduciary responsibility to stay updated on rapidly changing policies becomes extremely time consuming.

Our world of downloading connect attendance lists, building surveys we hope users submit after watching recordings and managing the gaps with various global managers has been replaced with one self-reporting form that is not only easy to use through Adobe Sign but significantly reduced the amount of time the team spent comparing employee lists and consolidating data.

The user experience is delightful and the backend reporting is a dream.

Microsoft & Adobe continue to partner on development of new enterprise experiences with new Document Cloud features slated for release in early 2018.

Adobe Saves Thousands Using Adobe EchoSign

Some of the happiest surprises here at Adobe are the results we realize from using our own products.

Our team members want performance, value, engagement, and experiences that make their jobs productive and rewarding, just like our customers. To make that happen, we’ve been encouraging teams throughout Adobe—such as sales, procurement, and people resources—to integrate Adobe EchoSign into their e-signature workflows.

So far, the results have been spectacular:

·         Procurement has slashed $250,000 from its operating overhead

·         Vendor contract completion is three times faster

·         People resources has cut printing costs 80% and shipping costs by $35,000

Many of my colleagues are impressed at how well automating signature processes improves productivity while it cuts costs.  We also had a really easy time integrating EchoSign with our existing technology. The Adobe EchoSign API integrated with our legacy system in only three weeks, using only one analyst, one developer, and a few software QA people.

Our sales department uses Apttus enterprise contract management system (ECM), powered by to manage nondisclosure agreements. The sales team can leverage EchoSign e-sign workflows within the ECM, generating clear audit trails to expedite workflows and verify the legality of agreements. The forthcoming companywide rollout and integration of ECM with Adobe EchoSign will make contracting even faster and more reliable.

Learn more about Adobe and the benefits we yield from Adobe EchoSign by clicking here

EchoSign @ Adobe

EchoSign is Adobe’s electronic signature service that “just works.” Or rather it just ROCKS! You simply login to their web site, enter the signer’s email, add a document and bam! The recipient gets an email they can sign immediately, forward to the correct person or return to the sender for changes. A recipient can even sign from their mobile device!

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