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Adobe@Adobe at Sundance 2016


The Adobe@Adobe Video Production Team was on hand at the 2016 Sundance Film Festival, helping out with two major Adobe initiatives being put on by Adobe’s Social Media Team at the event. Adobe was a leadership sponsor of the film festival this year, and helped celebrate independent film, storytelling, while helping to share stories about how Adobe’s industry leading video tools help bring new ideas to life.

PillowTalk Interviews

The first initiative, PillowTalk, was a series of live-streamed, and on-demand interviews with a number of filmmakers, actors, and artists. The series was unique in that it invited the guests to be interviewed in bed, in a less formal setting to discuss their films, and what they see coming up next in the industry. The A@A Video Production Team provided their technical production skills to broadcast out these interviews over YouTube Live, reaching over 1.4 million viewers of these videos. Taken from an unusual top-down perspective, the interviews were extremely well received by both guests and fans alike, as the interviews took place on a bed right inside the extremely busy Airbnb Haus, allowing onlookers to watch the interviews live. It was a lot of fun, and provided a fresh, relaxed interview environment, that seemed in-tune with the atmosphere of the always amazing Airbnb Haus. The A@A Team continues to help with Adobe’s expansion into social live-stream experiences, as that medium continues to be a fun and interactive way to reach customers.

Make It Experience featuring Adobe Post

Between PillowTalk interviews, and in partnership with Airbnb, attendees were invited to jump into bed themselves, to take a photo memory of their Sundance experience, while getting the chance to bring their photos to life with Adobe Post, Adobe’s newest mobile app that builds stunning graphics in seconds. The Adobe@Adobe Video Team was able to develop an efficient workflow that allowed attendees to take a photo in bed, and then share that photo to an iPad, which allowed editing of the photo in Adobe Post. The workflow then automatically applied a branded Adobe & Airbnb border to the image, and shared the photo back to the user via Twitter, email, or iMessage. The activation was a huge success, with over 3000 people being photographed over the week. Despite the complexities of moving digital assets around so quickly, for so many people, the workflow was still able to easily able to handle the crowds, and help people get their shared photo in a timely manner. The solution utilized a couple of third party technologies such as a CamRanger wireless DSLR remote control that allowed camera control from an iPad (as the Canon 5D MkII we used was ceiling mounted), as well as a great iPad application called “Workflow” that allowed for easy automation for what would have been manual tasks, like adding a custom border to a photo, or sending a Tweet or email. The magic of Adobe Post ensured that everyone’s photo turned out looking great, and we utilized the Creative Cloud for our photo gallery of final images! Of course, the impact of this social engagement was measured in Adobe Social, where Adobe was able to greatly exceed their 2015 numbers for brand reach.

Once again, it was an honour for the A@A Team to be included in these activities at Sundance 2016 (while getting the chance to catch a couple of wonderful films as well!), and we are pleased that we were able to help expose new people to some of Adobe’s amazing technology, while helping to strengthen the Adobe brand. Looking forward to helping out again in 2017!

Enabling Chat (XMPP) communication in Enterprise from outside Corporate Network

Lately Chat has become one of the most convenient and fastest way of  engagement among employees in large corporations. In fact it has become part of our lives and have changed the way we even imagine to contact someone. I heard one of our senior executives saying

“In late 90’s and early 21st century, employees used to use Email for exchange of information and Print Outs / letters for storing / sharing something important stuff. But lately people have started using chat communication (& other social tools) for exchanging ideas and email is primarily used for safe storage or reference kind of stuff”.

There are many situations when employees working for Large corporations are not in office but still wants to engage in Chat communication with another employee (may be for some work related issues or informing about absence from office etc).
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Social Engagement Index – An experiment in collecting social data & making sense of it


Problem : To understand, evaluate and respond to social engagement activities by rival organizations to better engage with customer / potential customer base.

Who would want this? : All organizations with active social media plan.

How would it work? : The system would analyze open data in real-time and present info graphics to the marketing team.

Why would anyone want this? : To keep effective check measures against your competition and to actively improve your social base, and eventually your customer base.



Phase 1 : Identify few interesting data sources
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“Krishna Aur Kans” powered by Adobe Technologies

Adobe India arranged a movie show for its employees on August 8 & 9. What was special about this movie, “Krishna aur Kans”, is that it was an animated feature film powered by Adobe technologies including Adobe Flash Professional, Adobe Premiere Pro, After Effects and Photoshop. While most of the global releases (in Hindi, English, Tamil and Telugu) were in stereoscopic format, the film will also be released in 2D. The film is presented by Reliance Animation.

Adobe Flash technology was at the core of the movie’s production pipeline and utilized two amazing features: ‘Shape Tweens’ and ‘Motion Tweens’, enabling the creative team to create magical effects in the movie.
The animation in the film has been done primarily using Adobe Flash software, crafting a magnum opus canvas to help viewers relive the time of Krishna. The team also used Adobe Premiere Pro as one of the key software in their workflow for offline editing.

Krishna aur Kans a film presented by Reliance Animation, is undisputedly a visual delight (especially in 3D) with psychedelic and vibrant colours.

Part 4 of MAX session follow up – BONUS – Packaging your component

This blog post is a quick overview on packing your CQ components for distribution.

This is a follow up to our MAX session on creating custom components.

Part 3 of MAX session follow up – Creating a new component

This is part 3 of our MAX Session(see link below). This video will cover how to create a brand new component from scratch.

This is a follow up to our MAX session on creating custom components.

Code walkthrough package

Part 2 of MAX session follow up – Creating an inherited component

This is part 2 of our MAX session follow up. In this code walkthrough I go over how to create a new component that inherits from a base stock CQ component.

This is a follow up to our MAX session on creating custom components.

Code walkthrough package

Walkthrough of overlaying or overriding a stock CQ or ADEP WEM component

In this code walkthrough I will show you how to overlay (override) the stock WEM/CQ TEXT component system wide.  This is a follow up to our MAX session on creating custom components.

Code walkthrough package

Halloween Fun with Arduino – Part II

Part II now complete! In this post, David Benge outlines the code and configuration steps he took to create his electronic Arduino controlled skull.

Halloween Fun with Arduino – Part 1

A Halloween Special from the A@A Team!  Adobe@Adobe Developer (and part time Pizza Deliver Guy) David Benge shows off his mechanized skull for putting the fright into the local trick-or-treaters at Halloween.  In Part 1, Dave shows off his setup using an Arduino microcontroller board, some LED’s and a light sensor to control his scary skull.

Happy Halloween!