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October 24, 2006

FLVPlayback skins with Captionate captioning support

Providing captions in Flash just got easier. Adobe is making skins for the FLVPlayback component available for use. The skins were crated by Michael Jordan and are being provided by Adobe for developers to use.
To use these skins:

  1. Download the caption skin MXP file
  2. Run the MXP file to install the extension
  3. once installed, you simply select a skin from the ‘Select Skin’ dialog that is displayed when changing the FLVPlayback skin in Flash 8, as shown in the image below. Selecting a caption-enabled skin from the 'select skin' dialog
  4. the FLV file that you display in your movie must have caption data to display. These skins are designed to work with FLV files that have captioned added by Captionate.

Please let us know how these skins work for you – we’d love to point to examples!
Update: We’ve uploaded a new version of the skins with the following issues addressed:

  1. The updated skins now support the FLVPlayback Custom UI Controls, with a CaptionsButton symbol to the FLVPlayback Custom UI.fla library.
  2. bug fixed where the skins cause the FLVPlayback component to throw an “Invalid contentPath” error when the FLVPlayback component instance appeared after the first frame of the swf and the contentPath url was set in the components panel.
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