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May 7, 2007

Captioning Article and Examples

We’ve got a great article on the Adobe Developer Center: Captioning Flash video with Captionate and the captioning-supported FLVPlayback component skins
by Michael Jordan, who added support for captioning to the set of ActionScript 2.0 FLVPlayback video component skins. This is an eight-page article, and by page three you’ll have captions. Pages four through eight provide more in-depth information for developers who want to make additional modifications to the user interface.
The beauty of the skins is that they complement the built-in ActionScript 3.0 FLVPlaybackCaptioning component that comes with Flash CS3 and allow authors who want to publish video files to support Flash Player 8 to add captions with ease, and provide an accessible interface to control the video for keyboard and screen reader users at the same time.
The Library of Congress is using the skins for their online exhibition on the MacDowell Colony, but they aren’t using Captionate – they have a DFXP XML file from MAGpie. These skins also support external caption data in DFXP. We have our list of caption vendors who create DFXP caption files, including Caption Colorado, Automatic Sync Technologies, the Media Access Group at WGBH for developers who don’t want to caption video themself.
As always, I’m interested in any feedback on the skins or the article, but first go check out the MacDowell Colony videos!

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